The 40's & 50's are a time of navigating the transitions of our life!

what used to work in the past, is no longer working for us now.

Midlife transitions can encompass a varity of changes – from shifting relationships and career paths to overcoming physical challenges to re-evaluating personal beliefs and our life purpose.

I am here to equip & empower you through this transformative journey!

With compassionate guidance and tailored support, my coaching empowers you to navigate these transitions feeling equipped & empowered.

*I believe that midlife doesn't have to be a struggle.*

I'm am also a firm believer that once you gain insight into the underlying dynamics shaping your life during this period of time, your perspective shifts dramatically.

What once seemed like insurmountable challenges transform into opportunities for growth and empowerment, allowing you to show up for yourself in a whole new way.

Whether you're seeking to redefine your identity, reignite your passions, or cultivate greater resilience, I provide a safe and supportive space for you to navigate your midlife transitions with ease.

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Who I Serve:

*Women in their 40's and 50's experiencing life transitions during this time

*Women seeking support, empowerment, clarity and direction during midlife while navigating changes in relationships, career, or personal identity

*Women ready to cultivate resilience and thrive in the second half of life

My coaching approach for women navigating midlife transitions is truly unique.

I am redefining the narrative around what society calls the 'midlife crisis' by empowering YOU to rewrite YOUR story and step into YOUR true power and potential.

Together, we will embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation, unlocking the door to YOUR greatest self and the best chapter of YOUR life!

Your Transformation Begins Now

Services & Products

FREE Webinar: Equipping & Empowering Through Midlife Transitions

If you are needing guidance during this time then you definitely need to come on March 18th for a free webinar where Erin will be sharing about WHAT is happening to women during midlife, WHY it is happening & HOW you can equip & empower yourself during this time.

Having Trouble Understanding Your Human Design Chart?

Excitement fills you as you eagerly anticipate unlocking the mysteries of your Human Design Chart—your divine & personal blueprint.

Yet, upon glimpsing this intricate tapestry of triangles, squares, and cryptic terms like 'Generator,' 'Strategy & Authority,' and 'Profile,' it can feel like deciphering an alien language.

I vividly recall that initial bewilderment, and now, I'm here to guide you through the foundational aspects of your Human Design Blueprint.

If you're yet to unveil your chart, head over HERE to kickstart your transformative journey and let's unravel this cosmic language together!

Just click the "Unlock Your Blueprint" button below to get access to this valuable & free resource!

Astrology & Human Design Reading

In your transformative session, we plunge into the depths of your Astrology and Human Design Charts, providing profound insights into your essence, life challenges, and pathways to liberation.

This isn't just a session; it's an invitation to activate your divine mission.

If you've ever desired to unravel the purpose behind your existence, understand your Karma & Dharma, and tap into your inherent abilities, this reading is your key.

Midlife Magic: Rewrite Your Story, Own Your Power

Welcome to our transformative 6-week workshop on midlife transitions! In this unique program, we'll dive deep into the mysteries of our 40s and 50s from an astrological perspective, uncovering the cosmic forces at play behind the scenes. From the shifting dynamics in our relationships to the profound changes in our physical, mental, and spiritual health, we'll explore why these transitions occur and how they shape our lives. But more than just understanding, we're on a mission to rewrite the narrative around the so-called midlife crisis.

Together, we'll empower you to reclaim ownership of the second half of your life, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, fulfillment, and empowerment.

Join us & other women just like you, on this empowering journey of self-discovery, transformation, and rewriting the script of your midlife narrative.

This workshop begins March 21st and will be held for 6 consecutive weeks with April 25th being the last class. Class time will be at 2pm EST and will last appx. 60 -75 min. Classes will be recorded if you miss one. Read more about the class by clicking the button below.

Just a Few Testimonials

“Erin has given me the tools that I need in order to move towards living the life I want. I never knew how much work I needed to do until I started working with her. Her passion, guidance, and ability to ask me the hard questions has helped me shift my entire life. I am stronger, happier, and on my way to being more authentic and creating a life on my own terms” -Leslie Reid

“In just two, yes two, sessions I have already had major breakthroughs of why I self sabotage and ways that I can work through those thoughts. To say I am excited for the rest of this journey is an understatement." Carrie Ott Devine

"Erin is the master of her craft. She deeply understands Human Design and has developed a unique way to help humans navigate their Divine Blueprint. I have taken her class as well as worked closely with Erin to dig deeper into my astrological mapping through readings. Erin’s knowledge has helped me transmute personal barriers of self growth as well as make significant improvements in my marriage and relationship with my children." - Elizabeth Beals

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