I believe in a world where life isn't a battleground. It's a playground of possibility where self-sabotage is transmuted into self-mastery.


Hi there!

I'm Erin.


Life is a playground of possibility...

I remember when life felt like more of a battleground than a playground. Battling my emotions, my alcohol abuse, my relationships and ultimately myself. 


There came a point when I knew I had to do something different. Either I was going to live a life full of regrets, pain, guilt and shame - OR I could change my experience. I started to ask myself the right questions at just the right time...and my life started to change.  

Where women find the answers that are within them and experience a life of incredible and abundant fulfillment.
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Welcome Home!

"I’m living through all this madness in a much more grounded and observant state of being after my sessions with Erin. My sessions were tailored to my specific make up, my life’s experiences and things happening in the day to day. Erin’s perspective and insight spoke to my core. Her ability to connect with and listen to her intuition in referenced to “you” is what makes these sessions so impactful. I am thankful for this transforming experience; it will definitely not be my last!!"

Sarah G

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