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Hi, I'm Erin.

I helpYou  live a more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life - whether it's discovering who you are, tapping into your purpose, conscious parenting, or building a lucrative business. I help you close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be. 

Desert in Dark

Awaken the Divine Within


Ready For The Best Of You?

Services To Help You

RE-Pattern the Fabric of Your Life

A life-changing opportunity to shift your life and COME HOME TO YOURSELF!

Saying YES will start the activation process to begin to reprogram outdated beliefs and patterns ...


Astrology and Human Design are tools to know and accept oneself.....

I will take you through the journey of your unique chart where you will learn more about ...

Peaceful & Purposeful Parenting

Parenting doesn't have to be so hard.  If you are desiring to have more connection with your child (no matter their age) this program will do wonders to help you navigate the waters of parenting with more peace and purpose...

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Sarah G

"I’m living through all this madness in a much more grounded and observant state of being after my sessions with Erin. My sessions were tailored to my specific make up, my life’s experiences and things happening in the day to day. Erin’s perspective and insight spoke to my core. Her ability to connect with and listen to her intuition in referenced to “you” is what makes these sessions so impactful. I am thankful for this transforming experience; it will definitely not be my last!!"

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