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"I can be full of joy, freedom and fun everyday when I make choices that align with those things"


~ This was an excerpt from my journal entry from Dec 31, 2017. 

I wasn't always making choices from places of joy, freedom and fact for a lot of my life I made choices based on somebody else's opinion on what I needed to do and not from my own authority.   

I struggled for a very long time to know and feel comfortable being me....and because of that I ended up in a passionless and frustrating marriage, drinking very heavily to escape my feelings, and doing everything I could to make my outside world look stable while everything inside of me was falling apart.  

I would say that I've always been a seeker of truth, and I used to spend most of my life looking outside of myself for that truth.  This quest left me feeling empty, unsatisfied and overall unfulfilled.   Sure, at times I could put on a fun face (especially if I was drinking) but deep down I felt very lost and empty.  

2015 was where I came to a fork in my road, I knew that there had to be more in life to experience, and I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing I was going to continue to get the same results. 


I desired to feel more fulfilled and purposeful in my life, so I decided that I was going to start on another quest....the quest to know know the real understand her and to accept her in ways that I hadn't before, and to start making decisions that would support her growth rather than hinder it.  

I delved into shadow work, inner child work, sound healing, reiki, and any tool that would allow me to tune into me more.  

Over time, as I was able to bring pieces of myself back home and grew in confidence and clarity with who I was (and who I wasn't) - my passion grew to help others do the same.  I was able to leave my marriage (we are still friends), and dramatically shift the relationships with my children and others because I was making peace with myself and the patterns of my past.  

I see you, I hear you because I am you and I'm deeply honored that you are here, because I have found that there is no deeper joy than the joy of coming home to yourself.  

I am honored to be on this journey with you - 


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I am working with an amazing life coach who is guiding me to find my authenticity, face my subconscious fears, discover my true purpose in the world, and so much more. I say guiding because she is not there to tell me what my triggers are or to judge, she asks questions and provides tools for me to use to find the answers for myself. I love working with her and the group of women and men who are on similar journeys of self-discovery in our group Evolve. If you are interested in learning more or want to join the group please let me know and I will provide you with my life coach's contact information or reply on the post. I have to say that I have learned so much about myself and am feeling a bit more centered and am believing in myself way more than I have in so very many years. I still have work to do, but am on my own evolutionary journey.

-Amy Chase

"Erin has given me the tools that I need in order to move towards living the life I want. I never knew how much work I needed to do until I started working with her. Her passion, guidance, and ability to ask me the hard questions has helped me shift my entire life. I am stronger, happier, and on my way to being more authentic and creating a life on my own terms. My parched soul was given a much needed drink by Erin’s strong compassion and understanding. I am blessed to get to work with her and am beyond grateful for all that she has helped me conquer in my life so far!"

“The opportunity to work with Erin Esser is truly a gift! I have previously worked with therapists/counselors who have used their knowledge and experience in a “I know what’s best for you” kind of way.  This approach left me feeling dependent on them and unsure of myself. Erin uses her vast knowledge and experience to help me better understand who I am and then guides me to find my own answers within. I feel heard and valued in our conversations and most importantly empowered to live life in my own unique way!”

-Ellen Slater

"At some point in your life you have to say enough is enough....all of the self sabotage and self doubts need to just go away. That point came to me when I was 41. I felt I was already on a journey of a breakthrough and Erin's posts on Facebook were just speaking to me....she was literally saying the thoughts that I had in my head. I reached out to her and she graciously shared that she could help me continue my journey through self development. I am so happy she shared and so thankful I took a leap of faith to do her program. In just two, yes two, sessions I have already had major breakthroughs of why I self sabotage and ways that I can work through those thoughts. To say I am excited for the rest of this journey is an understatement. And I know with Erin guiding me through this intertwining and sometimes entangled maze of self development that I will come out on top even better! My hope is that many more will join Erin in this incredible journey of being your best you!"

Your insight in this group page is incredible and very enlightening. I'm thankful to have lightworker sisters like you who push me to think differently

-Elizabeth Beals

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