About Me

"I can be full of joy, freedom and fun everyday when I make choices that align with those things"


~ This was an excerpt from my journal entry from Dec 31, 2017. 

I wasn't always making choices from places of joy, freedom and fact for a lot of my life I made choices based on somebody else's opinion on what I needed to do and not from my own authority.   

I struggled for a very long time to know and feel comfortable being me....and because of that I ended up in a passionless and frustrating marriage, drinking very heavily to escape my feelings, and doing everything I could to make my outside world look stable while everything inside of me was falling apart.  

I would say that I've always been a seeker of truth, and I used to spend most of my life looking outside of myself for that truth.  This quest left me feeling empty, unsatisfied and overall unfulfilled.   Sure, at times I could put on a fun face (especially if I was drinking) but deep down I felt very lost and empty.  

2015 was where I came to a fork in my road, I knew that there had to be more in life to experience, and I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing I was going to continue to get the same results. 


I desired to feel more fulfilled and purposeful in my life, so I decided that I was going to start on another quest....the quest to know know the real understand her and to accept her in ways that I hadn't before, and to start making decisions that would support her growth rather than hinder it.  What else was possible that I hadn't ever imagined?

I delved into shadow work, inner child work, sound healing, reiki, and any tool that would allow me to tune into me more.  

Over time, as I was able to bring pieces of myself back home and grew in confidence and clarity with who I was (and who I wasn't) - my passion grew to help others do the same.  I was able to leave my marriage (we are still friends), and dramatically shift the relationships with my children and others because I was making peace with myself and the patterns of my past.  

I see you, I hear you because I am you and I'm deeply honored that you are here, because I have found that there is no deeper joy than the joy of coming home to yourself.  

I now believe in a world where life isn't a battleground...but a playground of possibility and in that space, self-sabotage is transmuted into self-mastery. 

I am honored to be on this journey with you -