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Activate Your life

This is the only Activation Masterclass of it’s kind that not only helps you create the life experiences you desire to have, it helps you become aware of exactly how to identify those old patterns and thinking traps that have kept you from your greatest life yet so that you can begin to stand in your own authority.


Begin to clearly and confidently navigate your life from the playground of possibility so that you can start to turn self-sabotage into self-mastery.  

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Introducing: Human Design FOUNDATIONS Course

Starting 10/12/21
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Is this you?

  • You find yourself repeating patterns and experiencing the same cycles with different faces.

  • You’re having a hard time making confident decisions and seem to always be second-guessing yourself.  

  • You want to learn more about yourself and what’s keeping you from your best life but don’t even know what or whom to trust.

  • Feel like you’ve tried so many things, but the dots just aren’t connecting.

  • You’re in unfulfilling relationships and job/career patterns and can’t figure out how you keep ending up in the same place.

  • Your emotions are running your life, and it seems you just can’t ‘control’ them.

  • You are engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors and no matter how hard you try, you just can't break them.  

  • Your inner-critic is running the show and making most of your decisions for you, and she/he won't shut up! :)

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Something isn't clicking

It’s not because you haven’t tried. Actually, you’ve probably tried harder than 99% of most people. You don’t shy away from hard work, but you’re starting to pull your hair out in frustration that, for once in your life, the hard work isn’t enough.


You want to create an extraordinary and fulfilling life, yet for some reason you haven’t broken through that invisible barrier...And that IS frustrating because you know how hard you’ve worked on yourself.

"Is this really all there is to life?"


So, what gives?

The truth is...It doesn’t have to be that hard.


You know there’s something more for you to explore and dive into....but what is it - and will it work?


I hear you. That used to be me too...

I remember when life felt life more of a battleground than a playground.  Battling my emotions, my alcohol abuse, my relationships and ultimately myself.  

There came a point when I knew I had to do something different.  Either I was going to live a life full of regrets, pain, guilt and shame - OR I could change my experience!

After years of doing all the 'right ' things, reading the 'right' books, and listening to all of the gurus and searching google I discovered that all of the answers were within me.  I just needed to somehow pull them out of me....and that's just what I did! 


And that’s why I’ve created my “Activate Your Life Masterclass”

Ask yourself this…

  • What could life look like after 7 weeks of leaning into the playground of possibility?  

  • What else is possible?


When you say YES to yourself, you will discover:

  • Understand your SoulPrint & Strategy - How you are designed to meet and move through life.

  • Anchoring in What Counts: Develop Tools you can use in your day-to day life to identify subconscious patterns and move into your highest alignment.

  • Begin to identify and rewrite the stories that you have created throughout your life based on your experiences and conditioning.

  • Leverage your Newfound Self-Confidence - make decisions that align you to your desired life experiences.

  • Identify Unhealthy Attachments & Break Old Habits- Start to ask the questions that will allow you to own your life and be the sovereign being you were designed to be.

  • Action Plan: A personalized, made for you, by you, action plan you can begin to implement the first week of class!

  • Paradigm Shift: Discover the blind spots that keep you from standing in your authority. Awareness is the first step to an extraordinary life.

Enjoying the View

A Look At What’s Ahead

You will be surrounded by a new class of like-minded individuals to support you and cheer you on throughout your Masterclass Journey. This is an interactive group format that leverages the law of attraction. From that law, we naturally manifest the perfect people into this circle that supports our highest growth and evolution. What we directly experience outside of us is a reflection of what is already within us, asking to be seen. And with that, we learn from each other.

Every week we gather and share from a heart space and learn why we have not been in full acceptance of ourselves, why it’s not an airy-fairy goal to be activated in our authority and possibility- that, in fact, it's CRITICAL in this time we are in. The homework assigned each week is specifically designed to support you in identifying and acknowledging the conditioning and patterns that have kept you at the mercy of the matrix. Shift into being a conscious creator for this new world we are entering into. 

What else is possible that you haven't even imagined?  

I'll see you in the playground of possibility!

Love - Erin 

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Ready to level-up?

Meet Erin’s Clients

Working with Erin was one of the best things that I have done in my life. She gave me the tools I needed to grasp some hard truths in my life, hard things that I needed to deal with, before I could become free. She woke me up from a very long haze and helped guide me out of it.... I had to do the work, but she led me out of the dark’...


And that is how I live my life now - I am wide awake!

Leslie R.

I have never had the truth so clear as when I sat with Erin. Things I have been plagued by forever were finally given form and definition.  Thank you Erin!

Holly G.

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When You Join Me in The Activate Your Life Masterclass You Receive

These amazing tools and skills you need to hit the ground running!

  • Learn the Pivotal Questions you Need for Greater Alignment with Yourself

  • Bring in New Awareness's that are Essential to a Fulfilling Life

  • Step into Confidence

    • Breakthrough limitations and gain the tools you need to keep yourself committed, inspired and motivated.

    • Reframe limiting beliefs that have kept you from reaching your highest and most authentic potential

  • Transform your Relationships

    • Stop trying to look for love and learn how to enter relationships correctly and recognize unhealthy ones.  

    • Create safety, clarity, and trust within yourself

  • Gain More Clarity In Your Purpose

  • Master Your Emotions

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