Fall Equinox Gathering

On September 22, 2021 we will gather online to support ourselves and each other within the energies that are at play - like iron sharpening iron we will release what no longer serves to rise higher in our own inner evolution.  

Pine Cone
Pine Cone

What to Expect

Grounding Meditation/Visualization

* Awareness of the Energies  & Program of Withholding Love

* Journaling Prompts

* Support

* Connection

* Wherever Spirit Leads 

* An Amazing & POWERFUL time!

Erin's Vision

I believe in a world where life isn't a battleground, it's a playground of possibility...and it's in that space where self-sabotage is transmuted into SELF-MASTERY.  

If you are reading this, you have come into this lifetime for a specific reason....a mission.  To live this mission out it is crucial to release programming and conditioning that we have been holding for generations.   


You are here, for such a time as this.  

Join me and others on September 22, 2021 for a FREE online Fall Equinox Gathering.  It will be a POWERFUL and ACTIVATING time. 


We will start at 2:30pm EST .