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Why Learn Human Design?

Hi!  I'm Erin Esser and I believe in a world where life doesn't have to be a struggle - when we KNOW ourselves and EMBODY our UNIQUE DESIGN.  

Giving ourselves permission to BE ourselves is FREEING ourselves from within.  When we start to do this for ourselves we can start BEing the TRUTH by embodying our truth for others to SEE.  

In this 4 Month Course I will teach you the FOUNDATIONS of your Human Design chart so that you will be able to interpret your chart and your loved ones charts as well!

I have studied Human Design since 2016 and have spent countless hours learning, $$$, and much time experimenting with my own design, learning my children's designs and helping my clients live out their design.  It's time to share and equip you with my wisdom and hacks that I have learned over the years!

I don't believe in making a fancy landing/sales page to get you to purchase a product....what I believe in is giving you a high value course that will allow you to have the confidence to look at the FOUNDATIONS of ANY Human Design chart and understand at it's foundational level what it's trying to communicate to you!  

Here is what is included:

- 4 Months of weekly classes

- Why Human Design - What is Human Design - Why do we NEED Human Design RIGHT NOW?

- Teaching on the 5 TYPES & Auras

- Teaching on the Strategy & Authority for each Type

- Teaching on the NOT SELF and SIGNATURE Themes for each Type

-Teaching on the Definition (single, split, etc)

-Teaching on the 9 Centers & you will learn how to start to DE-Condition each one

-Learning the Profiles 

-BONUS - Deep Dive into Emotional Authority (Video)

-BONUS - Deep Dive into EACH TYPE (Video)

-Learning how to start to heal the Inner Child using your Human Design 

- Meditations/Visualizations before every class 

-Private Facebook Group to Gather, Integrate & Come Together with Like Minded Humans who want to learn and grow on their Human Design Journey.  

- A like minded partner to be on this journey with, to practice what you are learning

If you have ever wanted to learn how to read and interpret the FOUNDATIONS of your chart - the time is NOW!!  Click 'Book Now' below to reserve your spot!  The entire 4 month class is ONLY $497 with an option for monthly payments!  Class Begins July 9 or 10th, 2022! 










IF you attend classes and practice what I will be teaching you during this time, you will be able to interpret the FOUNDATIONS of a chart like this: