Activate YOUR

Human Design

Do You Know Your Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of modern genetics and ancient wisdom.  Many think it to be the most accurate personal profiling system  in the world!" - Richard Beaumont

Human Design is your blueprint for your life.  It contains wisdom about you such as your aura type, the correct way for you to make decisions, your potentials, your mission and even your correct way of eating, environment, perspective and the way that is correct for you to sleep!  

Human Design is so much more to me than what I stated above...

To me, learning and LIVING my Human Design has helped me become a better human, mom, business owner, etc.  Learning each of my children's designs has helped me become a better parent.  I am now able to guide them according to how they were designed vs. a textbook and homogenized guide to parenting that we often get.  

There are 5 Types within Human Design and learning your Type is just the tip of the iceberg AND it's the BEST place to START!  

Manifestor/Initiator:  Repelling Aura (roughly 8-9% of people)

Projector/Orchestrator: Focused and Absorbing Aura (roughly 20-22% of people)

Reflector/Calibrator: Resisting and Sampling Aura (roughly 1-2% of the population)

Generator/Alchemist: Open/Enveloping Aura (roughly 35% of the population)

Manifesting Generator/Time Bender: Open/Enveloping (roughly 32% of the population)

I am a MG (Manifesting Generator) who is emotionally defined which means I need to wait for my emotional wave to move through me before making any major decisions.  I am a powerful creator who can bend time and when aligned to my design - watch out because I can do more than most people can in the time that I have.  Time bends for me.  It's just who I am!  

Who are you?

To find out what Type you are you can go HERE to generate your chart for FREE! 

Human Design has been a great teacher helping to lead me back to my authentic blueprint - and it's been one of the greatest tools I've had in my parenting!

Make sure you find, friend and follow me HERE and HERE for other amazing Human Design and Parenting wisdom.  

To schedule a Human Design Reading where we go deep within your chart head HERE.  In this reading you will walk away with knowledge about your aura type, how you are supposed to make correct and aligned decisions for you, 70% of your personality and the energy of your purpose in this lifetime, and how you are designed to interact with life and so much more! 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of ALL wisdom" ~Aristotle


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