My name is Erin Esser and my mission is to awaken the deep and sacred place inside each woman that is ready to step into her greatness and come home to herself. 

Is this program for you?

This is for you if:

...You know deep down that there is more to life than what you are living

...You keep searching for the deep meaning in life but seem to always come up empty

...You long to be more soul centered and balanced in your life

...Even though you desire a more fulfilled life you feel like you keep sabotaging your efforts       






This is NOT for you if:

...You are completely satisfied with your life as it is


...You do not long to become more soul centered and purposeful in your work

...You already intimately know yourself

...You have your life together and feel amazing every day

How would it feel...

...to wake up every morning with an overwhelming sense of joy and fulfillment because you know you are closer to understanding your calling in this world?

...to have the tools at your fingertips so that self sabotage is no longer keeping you from living the life of your purpose and fulfillment?

...to finally be making the impact and difference you know you can?

...to have a crystal clear vision of who you are and your purpose in this world?

How would having a clear map of  your purpose and aspirations allow you to  be the change you so desperately want to see in this world?

I have identified 8 critical components that I found that are essential to igniting your Inner Evolution. 

These 8 components are laid out below and encompass unique, and life changing modules. 

It’s Time to Reflect - Reflection is such an important process.  When we authentically take a look at where we currently are and take the time to work on ourselves amazing things can happen in our lives and limiting beliefs organically rise up so we can start to remove those hindrances and re-framing your life. 


Unblock the Blocks - The cause of all ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy systems.  When we free up the body’s energy by removing the negative emotions we stop self- sabotaging.  

What Do You Desire?- We start to get clear on what we want and why we want it.  Without a clear road map of what we want our future to look like how can we achieve it and when will we know when we have?

The Missing Link - What the #1 thing is that is missing in your life.  When we learn this and apply it to our lives we can finally say ‘bye-bye’ to the need for approval from the outside world.

Embracing Your Shadow~Our shadow self is the part of us that rejects and tries to push down the parts of us that were shamed or rejected at some point in our lives.  When we learn how to recognize and embrace all parts of us we can start to open the door to compassion for ourselves and others which brings us closer to our purpose.


More Tools for Self-Care~ Our overall happiness and joy in life is determined by how much we love and accept ourselves.  Implementing these necessary practices won’t only make you more confident and joyful in life but is essential paving the path to know your true purpose!   

BONUS The Art of Manifesting~ What have you manifested so far in your life?  Whatever it is...you did it!  Very cool!  We dig in and learn how to start manifesting the life we wish to create!  

THE FUTURE VISION~ The culmination of everything you have done!  You will know your clear path and have the confidence and tools to start walking on that path by meeting your future self!  

What People Are Saying!

"After just one month, I have begun to set boundaries. I have been standing up for myself with my family and at work, which feels absolutely incredible!

I have also been doing a lot of journaling to find the wounding or perhaps programming is a good word, because really it is a sort of programming, which I am beginning to rewrite.


There is so much more.


I love that Erin, asks permission to call me on my self doubt, then after giving permission, she provides the kindest reminders by asking questions to make me think."


“After working with Erin, I feel free, open, my cup is full.  I can enjoy my life again!”


~ Kristin Sullivan







“By me changing and challenging myself through Erin’s program I am now able to shine my light brighter, and find truth of my "purpose" which also affects those I am around and gives freedom to them as well as myself to seek your own truth, and own your own light."


~Tammy Sloane Kloss

"I’m living through all this madness in a much more grounded and observant state of being after my sessions with Erin.


My sessions were tailored to my specific make up, my life’s experiences and things happening in the day to day.Erin has helped me realize, understand and embrace what I knew was there...... patiently waiting under the surface.


I am making more decisions out of awareness and in resonance with my SELF on the daily. Her perspective and insight spoke to my core. Her ability to connect with and listen to her intuition In referenced to “you” is what makes these sessions so impactful.


I am thankful for this transforming experience; it will definitely not be my last!!" 


What is Ignite Your Inner Evolution All About?

IYIE is a deeply transformative

and intimate journey with yourself that is designed

to bring you closer to knowing yourself...

If you tell yourself that there has to be more to life than what you have been living,

 Ignite Your Inner Evolution

may be what your soul is craving!

If you are a woman and you are ready to step into the greatness that is already inside of you, Ignite Your Inner Evolution will help you unlock your inner brilliance! 





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