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Give Yourself the Gift of Knowing Yourself

Philosophers have talked about the benefits of knowing yourself for eons!  I don't know about you but it all sounds so interesting but how can I start this process? 

It can feel so daunting and the question is always - where do I BEGIN?  

Don't worry grasshopper - I've got your back!   


When you have a session with me it's like no other - I bring in the amazing and ancient tools such as Astrology, Human Design (IChing, Kabbalah, Chakras, your DNA, etc) and we put them together and what comes out is an under and innderstanding of who YOU were designed to BE!  

How a session goes down:

1st:  E-mail me with any questions at if you should have any.

2nd: Book your session at the link below.

3rd:  I will call (not video) you at the time that we have decided upon...(you will bring paper and a pen to take lots of notes)...and we will spend 2 Hours together unpacking all of who you are!  

4th:  You can decide from this point if you want to continue sessions to help you digest the wisdom you have gathered and we will continue to dive deeper into your charts.   This option will be discussed during our session as many people decide to further their commitment to themselves in this way.  



A little ditty on the tools I will use with you in our sessions:

Human Design is a synthesis of modern genetics and ancient wisdom.  Many think it to be the most accurate personal profiling system  in the world!" - Richard Beaumont

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Human Design is your blueprint for your life.  It contains wisdom about you such as your aura type, the correct way for you to make decisions, your potentials, your mission and even your correct way of eating, environment, perspective and the way that is correct for you to sleep!  

Human Design is so much more to me than what I stated above...

To me, learning and LIVING my Human Design has helped me become a better human, mom, business owner, etc.  Learning each of my children's designs has helped me become a better parent.  I am now able to guide them according to how they were designed vs. a textbook and homogenized guide to parenting that we often get.  

There are 5 Types within Human Design and learning your Type is just the tip of the iceberg AND it's the BEST place to START!  

Manifestor/Initiator:  Repelling Aura (roughly 8-9% of people)

Projector/Orchestrator: Focused and Absorbing Aura (roughly 20-22% of people)

Reflector/Calibrator: Resisting and Sampling Aura (roughly 1-2% of the population)

Generator/Alchemist: Open/Enveloping Aura (roughly 35% of the population)

Manifesting Generator/Time Bender: Open/Enveloping (roughly 32% of the population)

Who are you?

To find out what Type you are you can go HERE to generate your chart for FREE! 

“Without astrology man treads, as it were, in the dim twilight of ignorance.”
—Luke Dennis Broughton

Knowing your astrology will help you understand your Karma, your Dharma and your Core Wounding.  It will also give you clues to heightened timeframes in your life to pay attention to, your soul's journey and so so so much more!  I focus on shining a light on your Karmic cycles and how you can step out of them, SEE & embody your DHARMA.  

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To schedule your Initial Discovery Session where we go deep within you head HERE.  In this session you will walk away knowing your aura type, how you are to make correct and aligned decisions for yourself, areas of deep conditioning within you and how to start de-conditioning, the essence of your mission/purpose & how you live that out, your wounding and how it keeps you trapped in a karmic looping cycle, your DHARMA and how that can manifest in your life.  We also go over potential heightened time periods that may be coming up in your life so that you can bring awareness into these times to fulfill your SOUL's Journey!  

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of ALL wisdom" ~Aristotle


P.S. Hey, before you go....make sure you head over HERE where I share my 4 Steps to Mastering My Emotions.  If your emotions ever get the best of you (or the then this is def for you.  It's my gift to you....just for being YOU! 


~ Just a few

"I heard Erin on a podcast and her approach seemed uniquely integrated and holistic. I'd tasted astrology and Human Design but was craving depth.


Erin delivered!


Her personable, confident style put me at ease. She painted a big picture, explaining connections and influences so everything was approachable. She checked-in throughout the reading and highlighted examples of my conditioning in real-time, based on our conversation.


The best part - she offered practical, tangible ideas for how to lean-in to my new awareness.


My session was so validating!


I left energized and empowered to claim my values, guard my energy, and deepen trust with my intuitive self.

Sarah Disney

“The opportunity to work with Erin Esser is truly a gift! I have previously worked with therapists/counselors who have used their knowledge and experience in a “I know what’s best for you” kind of way.  This approach left me feeling dependent on them and unsure of myself.  Erin uses her vast knowledge and experience to help me better understand who I am and then guides me to find my own answers within."

Ellen Slater

"I have never had the truth so clear as when I sat with Erin. Things I have been plagued by forever were finally given form and definition.  Thank you Erin!"

Holly Gardner