In this 15 minute video I share the 4 step process of how I learned to use my emotions as tools of awareness and stopped allowing my emotions to use me as a tool! 

After you watch this video, reach out to me and let me know your thoughts!  

~ Erin Esser ~ Certified Parenting and Possibility Coach

You can use these 4 steps ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE - and I promise you that if you USE these 4 steps...your life can change!
Here are the steps mentioned in the video:
1) Intention (I)
2) Pay Attention (P)
3) Curiosity (C)
4) Identify (I)
This process begins and ends with the I - YOU.  Perhaps this could be a good way to remember the steps.  Our own inner process of healing and growth begins and ends with ourselves.  
Another TOOL that I use within my parenting and that has helped me work with my emotions is Human Design!  Are you familiar with HD?  What is your TYPE?  
Using HD within my parenting has been an amazing way for me to understand not only myself better, but to parent my kiddos according to WHO they are and therefore has strengthened my confidence as a mama and my kiddos confidence within themselves! 
Imagine if we could teach our kids to fully accept themselves....I wonder what their life could be like?
Head over and listen to a podcast on Human Design that I did recently  (you may have to scroll over to find it)  - as this is another TOOL of self awareness that I use for myself, my children and my clients! 
After that make sure you book your own 1-1 Human Design Reading with me HERE!
In Authenticity, 
Erin :)