A Critical Message

Can you believe the times we are living in?

Over these last few years we have certainly moved into more uncertain times. As far as the astrology and my intuition and what's on the table right in front of us, it's going to get a lot more upside down and inside out.

Topsy Turvy is the new direction of our life. :)

We don't know which way to turn and what our future holds and how to even make decisions that we can trust. The world seems to be changing so quickly.

I'm not one to blow fluff up your rear end and tickle your ears with a positive message just for the sake of being positive. That's not me - and I can't do that because it would be a lie.

The next few years are going to get really tough for a lot of us - and the only thing we will be able to trust is ourselves. If we don't trust ourselves now...it's going to feel very turbulent.

If we are feeling this way (on any level), how do you think our children feel? How do we equip them in these changing times? They will need to know who they are, and how to make correct decisions for themselves moving forward so that they do not get caught up in the fray. The question is, how do we as adults make correct decisions for ourselves? Are we able to show our children and be an example?

We all need to learn how to navigate through this changing world - and the only way we can is through our own strategy and authority. Trusting our own authority will be the highest level of currency moving forward. Making decisions from this space will allow us to navigate through the incredible twists and turns that are up ahead.

Please do not misunderstand this message to be one of doom and gloom - my intention is not that. My intention is to bring you the truth of what is at play so that you are able to activate yourself to prepare for yourselves and your families.

As some of you know, I am a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach along with being an Astrologer and a Human Design Reader. I have been told by several people over the last few years that I needed to bridge parenting & human design. I honestly didn't know how to do this - and I didn't even know if it's what I wanted to do, until recently. I went to bed one night with an intention and a specific question. I ended up not sleeping more than a few hours as I was up throughout the night with inspiration, downloads and information that I knew I needed to record. The next morning it was very clear that it was time to bridge conscious parenting and human design, and I know how to do it.

As I'm preparing this course I want to inform you all that this course will be so much more than a parenting course & it will be so much more than a human design class. It will be a class on how we emotionally prepare ourselves & our children for the uncertainty that is our future using human design to know our strengths, our children's strengths, our decision making process, de-condition old 'power over' parenting model that most of us grew up with. If we haven't cleared that and have made peace with our own parenting past, we are most likely raising our own children with the same model...even if we don't want to.

By clearing up your unfinished 'internal' business, you will be able to create more presence with your child, and all of your relationships - guaranteed. It is imperative that we make peace with our parenting past so that we know our own soul story and that we are able to show up for our children in the way that we wish we could have been when we were growing up.

This will be a course for those ready to jump, but need to lock arms with someone on the way down. This will be a course for those ready to rise into the uncertainty that our future will bring with confidence and competence and being an example for their children. This will be a course for those ready to face their own internal 'baggage' and finally heal and let go. This will be a course for those who know that in order to have a different experience we must do things differently and realize that they have the power to do just that.

This will not be a course for anyone who wants to blame and shame their parents for their past as I will not help you argue for your own limitations just to stay in your own karmic looping cycles. This will not be a course for those who aren't ready to realize that the only way to move forward in these times is by learning to trust ourselves. This will not be a course for those who want someone to tell them what to do. This will not be a course for those who are not ready to let go of their wounding as their identity.

This will be an extraordinary class - I can assure you of that. One that has never been done before and one that will equip you and your child(ren) in a way that nothing else can.

Are we ready to step into the unknown while trusting ourselves at every twist and turn? Are we ready to help our children do the same?

I am - and I hope that you will join me in this journey. I hope to begin this class in the next 6 weeks! If you want more info please respond to this email. I will do my best to make it as affordable as I possibly can as I realize that times are tough for a lot of people.

In Integrity & Love,


p.s. I am a mom of 3 kiddos (17,16,13 years old). I have gone through everything that I will take you through in this course with my own children. I homeschool & live outside of (as much as I can) the control system. I have been using human design in my parenting for 4 years. I enjoy being with my children and they also enjoy being with me.

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