Do you know anyone who is?

I think that the majority of us in some way has the tendencies to want to please others - and that is not necessarily a negative thing....HOWEVER....if we are consistently negating ourselves to please and pacify others it can be detrimental to not only ourselves but to everyone around us and the imprinting that we have on our children (if you are a parent).

Here is another way of asking this question:

Do you know and can tune into your friends, partners, parents, children's, needs and desires MORE THAN your own?

If so, then it's a clue that some inner work needs to happen.

Healing our own inner child(ren) is essential if we desire to form healthy bonds in life and to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Inner healing is a process and it doesn't happen overnight - and it doesn't happen just because you get a reiki session or buy a few extra crystals to place under your pillow at night.

Inner healing is a process by where the unconscious parts of ourselves that feel rejected, wounded, sad, unfulfilled, etc. start to become acknowledged - and it's ONLY then that we can start the integration process and heal our psyche.

We ALL have wounds - NONE of us had ALL OF OUR NEEDS MET as a CHILD and therefore depending on the story that our child self made up to WHY our caregivers couldn't meet our needs, or even possibly shamed our needs we need to heal these places within us.

We are incredibly complex BEings - and only a teeny, tiny percentage of who you are is displayed on the surface. You are a VAST WILDERNESS to be EXPLORED.

Are you ready?

The first step can be learning to understand the story of your Human Design Chart - how were you designed to be in this world?

What is your relationship with the most primal and natural parts of yourself?

How were these parts of you acknowledged or perhaps not acknowledged as a child?

When we heal these parts of ourselves we can start giving permission to BE OURSELVES.

Another step you can take is to write a letter to your inner child - this may feel uncomfortable at first but remember this is only for you and the more you can acknowledge these parts of yourself the greater your heart with open and healing will begin.

Start with imagining yourself as a child, go with whatever age or timeframe naturally comes up in your mind. Connect with yourself at that age....what were you doing, what were you curious about, what brought you joy at this age? Write a letter to this part of yourself sharing how you feel about him/her, if there is anything that you would like to tell this part of yourself that you wished he or she would have known at the time, etc.

This exercise along with understanding your own Human Design chart will start you on the path of true self discovery, self wisdom and overall more inner peace.

This isn't an easy ride....but it's WORTH every bit of the ride that you will go on when you dive into this work. I know because I've experienced it and am always on a journey within it.

So...are you ready to EXPLORE and RE-CLAIM your own inner landscape and find the TREASURE that ONLY YOU can ACKNOWLEDGE?

In Love and Truth,

P.S. If you are ready to book your own personal Human Design Reading connect with me HERE and send me a message or simply REPLY to this email! This is life changing work - are you ready?

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