Astrology as a Tool of Self-Awareness - Part 1

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Astrology is a tool that we can use to lead people home to themselves.

Like any beneficial tool...we have to understand how to use it so that we do not run the risk of it using us.

I like to think of a birth (natal) chart as a mirror - an accurate mirror or reflection to who a person is. Their potential for greatness, their limitations, their core wounding, how they think, love, and express their identity, etc.

Astrology is a tool where a person can accurately see themselves so that they can cut through society and familial programming. A person can finally start to give themselves permission to be themselves.

When we can bring awareness to our weaknesses, woundings, and strengths, we can start to show up for ourselves in a more conscious and confident way!

Astrology - as above, so below!

I recently had a conversation (see conversation below) with Meredith Swaim - Astrologer and Intuitive. She takes us around the wheel into the 12 different houses so that we can integrate these energies and become more aware of the self.

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The 1st House is Aries:

"What I have noticed in a lot of my clients which are mostly women,

not taking care of themselves in the way that they feel they should, and they tend to focus more on relationships or focus more on other people's happiness before their own. The very first segment, we address is self denial, and the homework for that week is can you be aware of yourself in space and can you come back to yourself. So for Aries, I give tools such as breath work, like Breath of Fire, really active kind of breath work and

and also movement, actually moving your physical body. The other piece with Aries is, disowning anger, not experiencing anger and allowing people to walk all over you, I see that a lot. I have people ask themselves this question: What would happen if you were to assert yourself in this space, when you do have somebody infiltrating your boundaries? This is what I go over in Aries, 'how to protect your spark, the very first Spark'" Meredith

The archetype of Aries is the Ram. When you think of a Ram....I think about someone ramming themselves into this life, or their work, or into another person, etc. How do you express yourself, and what is your identity that you are bringing forth? There are appropriate and inappropriate times to express ourselves depending on the situation we are in. Aries reminds us that our ego is important....but it's about cultivating a healthy ego and sense of self.

The 2nd House is Taurus:

"Taurus is your ability to receive and your ability to take up space, your your ability to nourish and nurture yourself. And, I talk about money and removing the Babylonian curse from money and how to interact with it in a way that feels energetically clean, spending the money that you have, in ways that benefit your community. I give homework to break a vow of poverty, like if you have a lifetime in which you have made a vow of poverty, that still shows up. So that's what I talk about with Taurus, and really refining your values, your relationship to nature, your ability to build where you are, with what you have." Meredith

The archetype of Taurus is the Bull. The Bull is characteristic of being slow and steady and Taurus has a DEEP connection to the earth. You can count on Taurus and they will not give up....for good or for bad. How does this show up in your life?

The 3rd House is Gemini:

"I do perceive that we live in a mind controlled society, we register the energetic signature of mind control. For example, if something is preying on your emotions, and hooking into your emotional centers, that's indicative that that thought stream or that feeling is not being generated by you and that you might be possibly being emotionally and mentally manipulated.

Freedom is something that is coming up a lot, right now. for good reason. And my perspective, and freedom may have always been somewhat of an illusion. But freedom is of the mind and self consciousness, first, and that's where it starts. I think people have kind of an inverted perspective about where they think freedom is of the physical first. Maybe we've always been in kind of a free range prison, you know, for eons?" Meredith

The archetype for Gemini is the Twins. Gemini represents duality but the highest vibration of Gemini is the able to rise above the duality and to be able to see a clearer picture...united duality.

NOTE: We as a collective are experiencing the North Node in Gemini with South Node in Sagittarius. "I think the people that from my perspective are going to be the most challenged moving into 2021 are the people who have not questioned any of their paradigms, and feel so certain that their paradigm is the right one, there is no, one size fits all here." Meredith

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To be continued....

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