Astrology for YOU and in 2021

In the last post - go here - I left off at Gemini and how Gemini energy shows up within your thinking, mind control, etc. Meredith and I also get into a few issues such as Jeffrey Epstein, CV, and the education system, etc and a tool to use to see if you are getting caught up in the either/or illusion of 'truth'. If you want to hear about that you can go here and watch the video:

The 4th House is Cancer:

"This is where we start to talk about the energetic components of this realm and realities, we look at like the energetic field, and different things with each water sign that could be impairing or impacting your energetic field how to make reparations in your field. So with that, we talk in my class about, inner mother and your relationship to your actual mother and how that can sometimes set the tone for how you manage and process emotions. How do we recognize foreign emotions and how do we clear foreign energy and emotions? This is also about sitting wit