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In the last post - go here - I left off at Gemini and how Gemini energy shows up within your thinking, mind control, etc. Meredith and I also get into a few issues such as Jeffrey Epstein, CV, and the education system, etc and a tool to use to see if you are getting caught up in the either/or illusion of 'truth'. If you want to hear about that you can go here and watch the video:

The 4th House is Cancer:

"This is where we start to talk about the energetic components of this realm and realities, we look at like the energetic field, and different things with each water sign that could be impairing or impacting your energetic field how to make reparations in your field. So with that, we talk in my class about, inner mother and your relationship to your actual mother and how that can sometimes set the tone for how you manage and process emotions. How do we recognize foreign emotions and how do we clear foreign energy and emotions? This is also about sitting with our inner child." Meredith

The archetype of Cancer is the Crab. This archetype is about the heart, healing, protection, nurturing, and living in the intuitive flow of life, and opening the heart to the feeling dimension of human experience. Cancer is a water sign and they love to nurture and be nurtured and cared for. Cancer's do need to pay attention to how much of their energy they are giving away and also be aware of emotionally manipulative behavior.

What happens when you have an emotion that is SO LOUD that it's difficult for you to step back from it and process it? Are all of our emotions our own?

The 5th House is Leo:

"We get into the heart and the backbone with Leo and how you can strengthen those on all levels and move with discernment, in your heart space and your backbone. There is a sort of divinity that rests in the heart space. There is a natural sort of imagination and creativity that comes with having a human soul experience and Leo represents this. While Cancer can be the wounded inner child, with Leo it's about the divine inner child." Meredith

The archetype of Leo is the Lion. Leo is about stepping outside of all of our conditioning and into our own individual uniqueness and self-leadership. The energy of Leo helps us become a whole human being that can create, love and play from the heart and express through that their own personality. Leo is about taking pride in oneself and getting in touch and embodying life force energy. I am a Leo Rising which is opposite Aquarius on the wheel. We are in a time in 2021 where we are needing to remember what it means to be human and the energy of Leo is trying to remind us of this. Leo says "Do not give your humanity away, it is physical love that is our medicine".

The 6th House is Virgo:

"With Virgo we get into like food, circadian rhythm cycles, and seasons of nature in general. If you are a woman, and experience a menstrual cycle, what does that like for you, and how can you structure your life around this phase that you're at in your cycle. How can you really optimize with the seasons? We also talk a little bit about service to others as well" Meredith

The archetype of Virgo is the Virgin. Virgo strives for perfection and purity. Virgo is about femininity and finding beauty and renewed innocence in onself and the world around them. The shadow side of Virgo is to be overly analytical and obsessive about the details. Virgo's need to pay attention to the trap of perfectionism. Being that this is a feminine sign, I feel that it would be beneficial to be curious about how our feminine nature is....are we picking ourselves and others apart or can we see the innocence and purity?

The 7th House is Libra:

"With Libra we talk about, leisure creativity, relationship dynamics, attachment styles, and things of that nature." Meredith

The archetype of Libra is the Scale. Balance, intimacy and relationships encompass Libra. Libra's are very artistic and have a knack for seeing the intricacies of the universe and create from that space - whether it's a beautiful painting, food dish or conversation! Libra's in the highest energy are good mediators and can see both sides of any situation. They are very refined and are concerned with justice and social harmony.

The 8th House is Scorpio:

"Scorpio is part two of the energetic field. We talk about how to do like a soul retrieval with yourself and how to retrieve aspects of yourself. We go over entities, principalities and how to break agreements with those kinds of beings, and how to recognize that there's something else in your etheric space that's siphoning your life force energy." Meredith

The archetype of Scorpio is the Scorpion. Scorpio is about death and rebirth - it is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Before we can rise, we must go through the depths of darkness and hell. This is shadow work, soul retrieval, death, rebirth, karma, etc. Scorpio loves the mysteries of the psyche and the world. At times, Scorpio's do not know when to let go and if not careful the Scorpion if feeling threatened will use it's own tail to sting itself. How are you self sabotaging and getting to the root within yourself is key!

If you want to hear more about Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces go here to listen:

Before I leave you I want to touch on The Aquarius Age that are in and what this could mean for humanity. "Aquarius has two sides. There's the side of artificial intelligence, and it's like mad science experiments, Frankenstein kind of science. Science being the new religion, right? And on the other side, it is an individualist collective or a bunch of people coming together to share their truth. You know, another thing that's been long prophesied is the great divide, and you know, I do think that we are witnessing that right now. This divide, and both sides of the polarity think that the other is wrong and this and that, right? But I think that there is one aspect of this that I really feel is important to touch on. There is an agenda, I think, to hook people up to like an actual virtual hive minded reality system. If you look at human evolution, we've been quarantined to this planet, to this realm and reality for so long. And I think that the time is actually up to expand out of this, 'quarantine' phase, which we can do so naturally, we do not require any technology, we just require our consciousness. We are the stargates. We are the portals to the other realm, and to the other dimensions. There is the other side that really wants to further cement, and suck the soul out of humanity, for lack of a better term, and to merge us with machines." Meredith

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