Astrology & Human Design for February 10, 2022

As I have started delving into the Astrology and Human Design each day it has become so very clear that we are smack dab in the middle of one of the most amazing stories ever told.

I've heard others say this and I listen to other daily energy reports but innderstanding it from my own lens, on a daily basis has given rise to just how true that statement is.

We have a few options with this knowing. We can enter into this storyline and allow it to play out and be a victim of the energies OR we can disregard the energies at play and be delusional & stubborn about our freedom & limitations and the expression of these in the cosmos.

What I want to present to you is that there is always a third way....a way that we can bring the energies of the shadow and the siddhi into one - as Richard Rudd (Gene Keys) refers to this as the GIFT energy. This is where we look to the energies at play, and ask ourselves the correct questions at just the precise time so that we are able to flow WITH the energies at play, according to our own blueprint and chart.

This third way requires us to KNOW ourselves and give ourselves the permission to be ourselves in a way where we have most likely resisted before.

So, it's up to each one of us how this story flows.....

The Astrology & Human Design energies for today, on February 10th as I see them go something like this....

We have the opportunity today to be silent - and imagine where we want to go in this life. I'm not talking delusion, I'm talking embodying the highest essence and expression of who you are and what you came to be in this lifetime. Stop talking and start walking.

Talk is cheap as they say and too much talk will lead to too much fantasy and then a feeling of stagnation as fantasies (that are not rooted in truth) will always leave us feeling disappointed as they dissolve into nothingness.

Does our vision for the future hold up to who we are right now? If not, what steps need to be taken to allow the 'fantasy' to become reality?

For example, if you have a business where you have never made more than $40,000 a year and your vision is to bring in $250,000 this may be setting yourself up for a big letdown. Have you leveled up to the person that can hold that kind of monetary surplus? How will you be able to hold this kind of responsibility? Who are you now that you can hold this that you weren't last year? Do you have evidence of this?

So much of our visions is showing our subconscious evidence of it being reality.

Today, be aware of your fantasies and your reality and try to bridge the two so that you don't fall off the edge of the bridge as you are running excitedly, hands waving in the air with unbridled passion, only to drop to a massive reality check on your way from fantasy to reality.

Saturn in Aquarius trining the Moon in Gemini has the opportunity to help us ground in our emotions, to take stock in how we feel and emotionally where we are headed to. This is a grounding and could feel a bit sobering to some. I like this energy as to me it feels like a divine balance between the Masculine & Feminine. If you feel emotionally stagnant or restricted, try to slow down a bit to tune into where the energy needs more structure and form before moving forward. Remember, the visions that we are holding are being rooted in a firm foundation - have you established this yet or are you establishing this?

Saturn in the 13.4 is asking us to stop talking....yep, stop being so open with everyone and everything you want to do and start rooting it in. If you are feeling tired or fatigued there could be a chance that you are sharing too much. Head down....step by step energy will support you today.

With the Moon in the 35.2 & in Gemini, pay attention to what is inspiring you today and do not try to force inspiration or your vision. The emotional maturity of understanding that progress comes over time and to harness the energy when it comes and not forcing the energy when inspiration isn't naturally there. Remembering that nothing is wrong if there are days where you do not feel doesn't mean the inspiration is gone.

With the Earth in the 4.4 it would be beneficial to root in your visions....embody who you are while living your vision today. Bringing in the energy of who you need to be in order to live the vision you have will help your progress today. Stop talking and start embodying and rooting in. Journal and embody your vision as it is happening now.

Where are you perhaps being delusional and in fantasy land?

What is the step by step actions that you are being called to take now? With the Sun in 49.4 you may feel emotionally sensitive. The key is understanding what you need and rooting into that.

The masculine energy is trying to harness the emotional feminine chaos so that it can be channeled into the highest form. It's up to you to understand this potency of the day and navigate through your own storyline in the way you are designed to navigate.

Today is about self discipline, mental and emotional. The beginning of our inner growth is realizing where we are, our limitations and our potential for growth. We are not born an adult - it's a step by step process of maturing and part of maturing is realizing our own limitations, in that though it's not about stopping because of's innderstanding what energies are necessary for ourselves to embody to become a mature adult. This could be sobering for some and encouraging for others, depending on where we are at on the spectrum.

Untamed passion and excitement without any rooting, leaves us in a state of burnout.

Where are you along this spectrum today?

Peace Within & Love,

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