Are we Awake Enough to SEE Ourselves?

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Over these past few days we have been given the opportunity to SEE how our past is affecting our present and therefore our future. EEEK....Wake up call - Are my past patterns dissolving or am I carrying them with me in a new or different way? Remember the surface may seem different....however the drive under the surface of our consciousness could be playing out the same patterns.

"Are we Awake Enough to SEE Ourselves?"

Today as Venus (our value(s), desires) is inching closer and closer to join Pluto (lord of the underworld) on Dec.11 where they will do their dance through the 14th we will are being given more of an opportunity to see where we are bringing unnecessary drama into our lives through unhealed emotions. One word for this is Co-Dependency. Where in our lives are we exhibiting co-dependency? Where are we giving our power away to another to 'save' us, 'redeem' us, etc. Where are we trying to 'save' another or 'redeem' another? Our tendency to control and manipulate or to be controlled and manipulated could be at an all time high. Keep yourself grounded, centered and remember that wherever you have fears these issues will arise during this time.

Guess what?? This isn't the last time Venus and Pluto dance....oh no it isn't. They meet up again on Dec. 25th (gasp...on Christmas Day??!!) yep...on your family gathering may have a few interesting twists and turns. They along with Mars (warrior, fire, aggression, assertion) ALL meet up and have a party together on March 3, 2022.

We also have the opportunity to face our own delusions and delusional stories that we have told ourselves. What have you been 'HOPING' for that just isn't there but you keep 'HOPING'?

How I see this in this time and what I am doing is to pay attention to our inner motivations and drives. A few questions to ask yourself:

"Is my behavior aligning with what I say I desire and want?"

"What is the root of any of my triggers....WHY did I get so triggered or upset? What STORY is my mind telling me that this means about me or the situation I am in?"

"Could there be any other 'truth' in this other than the 'truth' that I am telling myself?"

Get CLEAR on your values NOW - what do you want and how do you want to FEEL moving forward into your life? WHY do you want what you say you want? What is the underlying emotion that you will feel if you get what you want?

Write this down AND then be prepared to REVISE, REVISE, REVISE during Venus Rx and her meetings with Pluto & Mars.


Mars is also an aspect with the North Node (Dec. 4th - Dec. 18th) where we could be feeling aggressive towards others, ourselves, etc. Mars is our primal nature and is associated with war, sex, aggression, action, etc. however when this energy is used in a constructive and conscious way we can learn to be more assertive (not aggressive) and channel this energy into creating a desirable future.

If this energy is not channeled in a constructive way and left to the subconscious to wrestle , you may feel and see tension with people, possible fighting, violence, and a lot of aggression projected outward onto others. Be cautious that you don't internalize this energy either and become withdrawn or even possibly too hard on yourself as well.

This is a good time to MOVE PHYSICALLY....go for a hard walk or run, life some weights, dance, etc. Channel this energy into CREATIVITY - write, play or write music/songs, etc.

To Keep in Mind

We are in the window between the Eclipses and Venus Rx where we are being GIFTED energies by the Universe/God/Spirit where we can SEE if we are creating our future by bringing our past baggage with or are we healing our past and creating a NEW future with NEW possibilities without being clouded by the emotional woundings of our past.

We are in a TEST period, as I see it in how much we have healed and done the work within. We will get triggered in this loved ones, by strangers, by emails, by text messages, by anything and everything possible AND these moments are here so that we can FINALLY FACE our inner wounding. This is not a day to bypass and rationalize any emotion that is within you....FEEL IT....FACE IT.

Be cautious NOT TO PROJECT your own emotional intensity onto others....we are all navigating through this in our own way and time. THIS is OUR ENERGY to OWN and what we CHOOSE to do with it will give us the insight and awareness to know what still needs to be cleaned up in our inner terrain before we can truly move forward and receive everything that this Venus Rx (Dec. 19th - Jan 29th) has for us.

This is not a time to's not a time to's a time to harness the wisdom within our inner warrior and slay (by healing) the ties that are still binding us to the past. Healing our ROOT - so that we can step forward with our heart open to release our inner creativity.

You got this!



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