I Believe in a World Where Every Child Knows who They are and Gives Themselves Permission to SHINE!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Imagine a world where every child knows who they are and can give permission for their souls to shine!

Imagine a world where parents are confident in raising their children to know who they are according to their own uniqueness!

Imagine a world where children feel SEEN and HEARD and are allowed to experience themselves in the safest and most abundant ways!

Imagine a world where there is more ease, understanding and grace within the family unit!

I have a passion to help parents know their children....and to teach them how to guide their children according to how they were actually designed vs. what society deems correct and old / outdated parenting models.

I have a passion to SEE children have a different experience in their childhood....an experience of knowing and themselves, knowing what is and is not correct for them and being confident to make decisions for themselves from this space.

I have a passion to dissolve ALL toxic and harmful generational patterns passed down in family lines and be transmuted into new patterns that embody love, abundance, grace and ease.

I have a passion to SEE parents and children connect in the most vulnerable and authentic ways so that their is ease within the family unit.

I SEE parents consciously guiding their children to the TRUTH of who they are.....

Are you a parent?

I am a parent of 3 amazing kiddos....and they are all so very unique. To 'parent', 'raise', or 'guide' them the same would be doing a disservice to them, myself and the world. I use my kids unique blueprint to help me guide them to themselves....to know themselves and to accept themselves.

I love my kids and therefore I allow them to tap into their uniqueness.....I share with them their gifts, and their challenges so that they can learn to know themselves....and be confident in their own truth.

I am currently building a program that is unique to itself....and is needed by all parents that want to take their parenting to the next level.....

Next Level Parenting / Conscious Parenting - Our children deserve nothing less than that!

Can you envision this type of world?

I can....and it's what the future holds!

If you are a parent, you hold the key to a different kind of future for your children and their children, and their children! Imagine the possibilities!

To set up a short call to see if this is correct for you - reach out to me at erin@erinesser.com or HERE.

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