Commit to YOU

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We are being shown what is no longer working for's up to us to recognize what those are, and to let go.

Outdated beliefs, outdated partnerships, outdated ways of BEing are being clearly revealed.

We know what we want now, and if there is still confusion around that.....we know what we DON'T want.....which ultimately points to what we want.

We have the arrow aimed towards the top of the mountain and NOW it's time to ground those beautiful energies in, putting our heads down and getting to work...


at times it's not going to feel easy or good to let go.....this could be hard and some areas of your life are going to feel pretty sucky for a bit.....but you know what you need and have to do so that you can rewrite your story.

New contracts have been and are being written, new stories are being told....ones that fully support forward motion. Taking action in this way is critical in this time.

BE AWARE: Your new truths will be challenged.....either by the collective and/or your former self....

There has been a restructuring in an area of your life (Where is Capricorn in your birth chart?)

This area(s) will be a beautiful and grounded way.....and it's going to take work....we do not end up at the top of the mountain by wishing we were there.

How committed to yourself are you?

It's time to this new area of your life.

Whatever blocks are still there....are still there so that you can show up for your self in a new and more loving way.

Ground the work so that you can catch that arrow at the top of your mountain.

We can do this.....I can do this....You can do this.....

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