The Story BEHIND this Eclipse Portal

As most of you know there is a Solar Eclipse happening on December 4, 2021 for most of the world.

As I am writing this we are just a few hours away from this karmic event.

We have been give MASSIVE opportunities to heal and balance our ROOT (chakra) over this past year or more. The sun and earth have moved through all of our Spleen gates more than once for us to really take a look at how we respond to FEAR.

Most people are driven by fear...and most people are completely unconscious to it. It's often a trauma response and until our trauma is acknowledged it will continue. When you are in it and your nervous system is dysregulated, you tend to not notice it as it's 'normal' for you to react to others by taking everything personally, and getting attached to every potential drama available to you.

It is when we start to regulate the nervous system that we start to recognize how much more space we have within ourselves. This means that we no longer rush to react to someone or something, we understand where another person is coming from, not be attached to the story, are able to hold space for it WHILE still having our own sense of self and boundaries. When our nervous system is regulated we make decisions from a different energetic frequency....from a sound mind and spirit.

Phew....there is more to this than what I just said but if you have gone through the journey of healing your inner trauma you know what I'm talking about.

This Solar Eclipse that we are just ahead of....and by the time you read this we will be on the other side of it is a door to bring us into our creative and our heart space. We have moved up and out of the root and into our creative sacral space within.

This eclipse portal that we just stepped through has closed the door to patterns you were once in and has opened the door to a new way of being within you. This cycle was initiated with the eclipse window Nov. 19 & Dec. 4nd of 2002. What was going on for you in that time of your life? What relationships were you in? What job or career venture were you pursuing? What was your overall attitude and FREQUENCY? How did you SHOW UP for LIFE in that time?

Most likely there were decisions that you made during that time that were from a place of 'lack', meaning 'I have to do this because if I don't I won't have money, safety, a relationship, and those decisions you made in that time (if you really think back to them) were not made from your heart and truest creative space. They were made from an in balance in the root chakra.

The root is focused on safety and when we do not feel safe in this world, safe in our environment, safe within ourselves we make decisions from a lower place of BEing....we may not recognize it at the time because it is all that we see based on the frequency we are embodying.

The decisions we made at that time in our lives have affected us throughout these past 19 years and some of them we have been having to clean up over the past 4-5 years. Marriages & friendships that are no longer aligned, job or career choices that were made from a different space than we are in today, etc.

It's not so much about what we do as HOW we do it.

A Snippet of the Astrology that has led up to now


In the 2002 Eclipse Portal (same degree & signs as 2021 Eclipse Portal) Venus had just entered into Scorpio....our desires were coming from a different frequency than now when Venus is in Capricorn going Rx in the next few weeks. Venus is at her detriment in Scorpio. The thing with Scorpio is that at it's highest frequency it's incredibly mature and can hold space for the undercurrent in life without giving into desires of the flesh.....however an immature Venus in Scorpio will often times get herself into trouble and later have to clean up the mess. Were your desires in check in 2002 and were you making decisions based on your heart space or your root chakra, place of safety that Scorpio can bring out?


In 2002 Uranus was in Aquarius which signifies breakthroughs in medicine and science. Curious if these 'breakthroughs' now have gone 'too far'? (that's for another time) Uranus then moved into Pisces where we started looking deeper into spiritual matters, the unconscious and looking at new modalities, tools to aid us in our spiritual journey. Next up was Uranus in Aries where we get to see the first glimpses in our own identities being questioned (seeded by the growth we've done when Uranus was in Pisces before) and the structures in society. This was the birth of 'questioning' of the status quo as a collective in the structures that we have set up within society, breaking them down and wanting to build new. Moving along to Uranus in Taurus that happened between 2017/2018 we experienced the physical breakdown of the foundations of our lives. Marriages, careers, finances - everything coming into question within our personal lives and within society. THIS is the era of building new foundations.

With Venus in Capricorn going Rx we have the opportunity to get in touch with our values, and create new structures that will actually hold space for this next cycle of our lives that we have just stepped into. TIP: Think back to Dec. 31, 2013 and see if anything similar may come up between Dec. 19th - 27th, 2021. This was the last time Venus was Rx in Capricorn and it may have some similarities.

Our lives are made up of patterns and when we can start to recognize the patterns we start to put the pieces of ourselves in place.

Our foundations that were built upon sand needed to be rocked, turned upside down & inside out to wake us up. We can thank Uranus for playing that role for us.

Life has been nudging us for a while now to get inside and heal our wounds. To know ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world because we then are contributing to the overall global frequency when we can heal, integrate and rise up higher than our root security issues.

This NEW Doorway that we are entering into is centered around individual creativity, our power and responsibility and our heart. It's impossible to be in these higher dimensions/frequencies if we are still healing our root issues.

We are being called to create from a place of individuality, joy and purpose in this new cycle and it's THIS energy that will be creating the new world that pure consciousness will reside.

There was A LOT of information in this article....and it's your job to tease it out and figure out what this times means and holds for you! You hold the KEY within yourself for your own transformation.



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