Are YOU Being Emotionally Blackmailed?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Some days I deeply hurt....days like today when I can tune into my own emotions and the identity of others and the world.

It pains me so deeply when I see so much of people's identity lost and given away like a cheap toy because we have not been taught to stand for ourselves, to know ourselves and to own ourselves. To feel and heal our wounds, our mother wounds: the feminine and how we treat ourselves and the father wounds: the masculine and how we expect that others will treat us.

We have been taught to neglect ourselves, to negate ourselves and to bypass every emotion we experience because it was always too much for someone else to be a witness to, and now as an adult it's too much for ourselves because we have not known and been shown how to hold that space for ourselves.

We have all been suppressed, all of our wounds and all of our trauma, until life shows up with an external stimulus that activates it....for the purpose of showing us more of allow us to witness ourselves, but most of us don't do that - we choose to offload our own discomfort of that stimulus or trigger and scream, cuss, and point the finger at the one person or a situation that we feel is the cause for all of the harm that has been done to us.

When we continue to do this, we become the perpetrator TO ourselves and the victim OF ourselves.

Emotionally blackmailing ourselves.

We grieve for everything else but ourselves.

We want others to see us and validate us so much but we refuse to do this for ourselves.

THIS is the awakening.....

The awakening to ourselves....the healing of ourselves....the coming home to ourselves....bridging the divide between ourselves.

The people and situations that trigger us are here to stimulate our growth....they are here to wake us up - not for us to point the finger at them - but to see and acknowledge the hurt and pain within ourselves that has been suppressed. It's NEVER been about anything outside of is ALWAYS leading and guiding you home to yourself.

This is why I do what I do....this is why I have chosen the path less travelled....the path of healing. The path of looking at, healing and accepting my shadow sides, the path of witnessing my own inner children, healing them and bringing them home, the path of looking back through my lineage and clearing energy from ancestral lines. The path of learning my astrology and my human design (my blueprint) so that I can own myself - and FULLY accept myself - ALL of myself. AND - it's a process and I'm not perfect....but I do my best to show up for myself every day.

I do all these things FOR me....because this is the ONLY way that I can FULLY show up for myself, my children and the people that I serve.

I am that I can be selfless. I fill my cup so that the overflow can spill into yours.

The ONLY way for me to truly be of the highest level of service is walking my own path and experiencing it.

This path is hard, and challenging and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Don't throw away this opportunity -

Don't turn your back on yourself....again -

You deserve yourself - ALL of yourself.

Love - Erin

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