'Finding' Your Purpose

Updated: Jan 18

So many of us want to 'find our purpose' that we take courses on it, we meditate on it, you name it - we all have probably done something that we 'hope' will bring us closer to our purpose in this lifetime. In fact, my first course that I created was called Awaken Your Purpose!

I feel that it's a beautiful quest to 'find our purpose' but for so many who never feel like they quite get to that place of 'purpose', I want to offer a bit of perspective.

What I have found is that there is purpose and there is vision. Do they go together? I think that they do, but I'll leave that up to you - the reader - to decide for yourself.

My theory, based on my experience is that our purpose resides in the seemingly small moments of our life and these moments inform the bigger vision that we all hold. It's about trusting the process....trusting the journey and surrendering in the purposeful moments in our lives.....because these moments make up our journey.