'Finding' Your Purpose

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

So many of us want to 'find our purpose' that we take courses on it, we meditate on it, you name it - we all have probably done something that we 'hope' will bring us closer to our purpose in this lifetime. In fact, my first course that I created was called Awaken Your Purpose!

I feel that it's a beautiful quest to 'find our purpose' but for so many who never feel like they quite get to that place of 'purpose', I want to offer a bit of perspective.

What I have found is that there is purpose and there is vision. Do they go together? I think that they do, but I'll leave that up to you - the reader - to decide for yourself.

My theory, based on my experience is that our purpose resides in the seemingly small moments of our life and these moments inform the bigger vision that we all hold. It's about trusting the process....trusting the journey and surrendering in the purposeful moments in our lives.....because these moments make up our journey.

When I was on a run this morning, I felt a rage and a very aggressive energy flow through my body - so I chose music that would go along with the energy that was in my body so that I could create a channel for it to move.

The rage was coming from a place within me that needed to wake a certain part of myself up - the part of myself that likes to take naps, play small and not allow myself to FULLY come out to play with life. This rage was flowing through me and as I settled into it I realized my purpose in that moment of running was to FEEL what I needed to feel to allow a place in me to wake up that needed to wake up for me to truly and fully see and fulfill my vision.

Often times I've realized that I've gotten caught up in my mind around 'what my purpose is' that I completely negate each present moment as my purpose. Right now, reading this - is your purpose, so how can you settle into this moment, and pay attention to what life is communicating to you? Every purposeful moment allows the overall vision we have to unfold...if we allow for it.

One might think that purpose is the same as vision and I would like to suggest that purpose is what we do in each moment, whether it's cooking dinner, going for a walk, talking to our children, spending time with our partner, working on a proposal for our job, driving to the grocery store, etc and being present in these moments IS OUR PURPOSE and the more we are present in these moments the more life speaks to us to allow the vision to unfold. Our vision isn't just for us, it's also for our communities and the world!

Focusing on something 'out there' like finding our purpose actually negates our purpose - because we are negating ourselves and each precious moment that we are given along this journey.

On my run this morning.....my purpose was to be present with my rage and aggression and allow that to flow through me to wake up a part of myself that needed to be awakened. All of the purposeful moments actually lead us on our journey to allow for our vision to unfold.

Missing these moments, because we are just trying to just get to the next 'thing' or 'place' does not allow for the purpose within the journey that actually fuels and informs our vision.

So today, be with yourself and find your purpose in each moment of your day....and get curious about what life is saying!

Trust that all you need is in each and every moment.....surrendering into this space - waking up to your purpose in the moment.



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