• Erin Esser

We Have Forgotten Who We Are

Updated: Nov 18

(This was written 4 years ago....there was division then, and there is now - there will be this theme of judging the division until we remember)

You Have Forgotten Who You Are.

We Have Forgotten Who We Are.

This is why we seen unrest all over. From shootings, stabbings, hurtful words, etc. this is what it looks like:

I'm aren' are less than me I'm aren' are less than me I'm aren' are less than me

I'm aren' are less than me


I'm aren' are less than me and I'm going to save you. I'm aren' are less than me and will never attain the full glory of God. I'm aren' are less than me. I'm a aren' aren't mystical like me, and therefore less than me.


I'm a aren' aren't emotional enough, etc you are less than me I'm a stay at home aren't....I'm a better mom than you

I'm a aren' are a bad driver...too emotional....less than me.

I'm college aren't...I'm smarter than you....

I have a bigger house than you....I'm more important than are less than

I drive a better, cleaner, faster car than you....I'm better than are less than.

EDIT for 2020:

I wear a face mask because I care about don't so therefore you don't care about others.

I do not wear a mask because I care about your and my do so therefore you are an ignorant, brainwashed person

I do this, this and defiantly don't do that and you do it different....therefore you are less than.

Fill in the blank...we all play this game on some level.

I know I'm guilty!

I'm right and you are wrong is the game we play based on our belief systems that have put on layer upon layer upon layer of division and separation between us.

My wish and prayer is that we start to see through the illusions that we have chosen.

It takes each one of us in our own appointed time to cut through the BS and realize that what we are seeing in the outside is truly a reflection of the division we have going on inside of us.

Heal ourselves and the wounds we have and then we can focus outward....

It all starts with remembering who we are.

Hello, I'm divine and a child of the most high....and so are you....I SEE you....and it's so nice to meet you.

Love - Erin

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