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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

UPDATE: EARLYBIRD extended through 9/16/2021 where you will receive $300 OFF this course. I have made the price point as low as I can while still honoring my time & wisdom.

Go HERE to sign up: https://www.erinesser.com/foundations Make sure you enter EARLYBIRD when you check out!

I believe in a world where life doesn't have to be a struggle - it can be a playground of possibility where self sabotage is transmuted into self mastery IF we embody ourselves in the way that we were designed.

Most of us think we are the projection of every person, situation and experience outside of us vs. knowing who we are from within. When we surrender into who we actually are based on our design - life shows up in a whole new way!

We are living in a time when knowing ourselves isn't considered a luxury - so many of us have treated our inner growth process as a luxury vs. a necessity - I know I have at times as well. Life gets busy, mom life, work life, LIFE - I get it! For such a time as this, embodying our unique design AND helping others with learning theirs is NECESSARY!

Only your SOUL knows what is true - your MIND will lead you astray...it's TIME to activate our design!

I have had people tell me that they wish they knew and understood Human Design for themselves and their loved ones....and I enthusiastically said Heck Yea!!

This is for you IF:

- you want to learn more about how to read your own Human Design chart to understand what your mission is, what motivates you, to know when you are in alignment (and out), to correctly make decisions, want to be in a group of like minded, and amazing individuals who are on a similar path as you!!


- you are any type of TEAM LEADER, FITNESS COACH, SELF-DEVELOPMENT COACH, REAL ESTATE, NETWORK MARKETER, PARENT, BOSS, MANAGER, ETC - any position where you have a group of people that you lead or manage and desire to make a bigger impact and operate more efficiently.

So I decided to create a class that will teach you the Foundations of Human Design!

A firm foundation is essential to build a strong structure of wisdom.

This class will be covering:

- Human Design Types

- Human Design Strategy & Authority (how do you make correct decisions for yourself?)

- Not - Self Themes & Signature Themes

- The Profiles

- Definitions (single, split, etc)

- De-Conditioning and understanding the 9 Centers

There will be weekly meditations, visualizations, teachings, discussions, and so much more!!

We are here RIGHT NOW to de-condition everything that isn't US - This is a way to start to understand your authentic self and help others do the same!!

I started studying my own Human Design over 4 years ago and I am bringing what I have learned, my experiences and everything I have to this class!

To learn this information - you do not need me!! You can learn ALL of THIS on your own. What I am bringing into this 4 month container is ME - is over 4 years of MY experience, MY wisdom, MY time and resources that I invested over the years to help minimize the time that it will take YOU to learn all of this!!

Foundations of Human Design IS a Prerequisite for the ADVANCED class that is coming Spring 2022 and YOUR monetary investment in Foundations of Human Design will be applied to the cost of the ADVANCED class!!

This is really a no brainer IF you desire to go deeper within the foundation of Human Design!

Head here to read more and sign up using the code EARLYBIRD (UPDATE THROUGH SEPT 16th) to receive $300 OFF! https://www.erinesser.com/foundations

Peace / Love / Activation

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