FREE Online Fall Equinox Gathering

Consider this your invitation to a FREE online Fall Equinox Gathering on Sept. 22 @2:30pm EST.

This will be a powerful time of connection to ourselves and the earth.

We are entering into a NEW Season...not just within our weather patterns but in our own patterns within.

The energies of the NOW are moving us back home to trust trust the unlearnable knowing that only comes from our soul IF we have TRUST within and have worked on de-programming ourselves.

What to Expect:

*A POWERFUL and ACTIVATING time of connection and new awareness's coming through to help us navigate this new season we are all approaching externally and internally.

* What to Bring:

- A Jounal

- A Candle

- Your Intention

- An item that you can infuse your intention into (crystal, rock, charm, etc)

- Picture of yourself as a child (one that resonates with you from any age)

This is a FREE Gathering - and ALL are welcome!

Please share this with your loved ones who you know could benefit as well!


In Love & Service,

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