Full Moon in Cancer - What you Need to Know

As we come into a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer at 27 degrees we will begin to be able to release the parts of our past that are keeping us barricaded from our future. We hear this all the time but the question is always 'How do I do this?"

With the Sun at 27 degrees Capricorn our soul is realizing that magic happens in each moment when we train ourselves to see it and to expect it. The idea that we need to find magic, or manipulate numbers, signs and ideas for the sake of magic is just an illusion and will actually keep us held back from the innocence of what magic truly is.

Magic, in my experience is every synchronistic moment that allows my heart and mind to connect in a way that it hadn't prior. It's the dream that gets recalled by someone mentioning the exact same words or pattern that was displayed in the dream and you instantly get taken back in remembrance. It's the subtle and innocent way a bird fly's to it's bird house that sparks an unconscious remembrance within you that we are always taken care of and supported. It is the moment that you look at what was just a bud - leaves of a flower tightly held in that is starting to open. Magic is this and so much more - and we know magic by how it FEELS within us.

Magic glitters our mundane reality - and it's only when we surrender into the now that these innocent moments of wonder are recognized and truly seen.

No doubt during this time have we all experienced some type of restriction in our lives and within ourselves. This begs the question "What parts of my past will serve me on my future path and what parts of my past am I being called to release so that I can birth something new?"

Every contraction or restriction in our lives is part of the birthing process. Think of a woman in labor for a moment. When she is experiencing contractions she is able to feel the crescendo of the contraction within her and in the right timing she pushes with all of her strength and might. Pushing too soon or too late causes unnecessary stress in the birthing process and the baby. Feeling the rhythm of the contractions in our life, breathing with them, and being in tune with them is giving way to your own unique birthing process. It's when we hold our breath and fear the natural rhythm that gives way to stress, anger, anxiety, etc.

This Full Moon in Cancer is the crescendo of, or the moment when we will have a choice to hold onto what was and fight against the natural rhythm within ourselves, or to breath into it, trust it and work with our natural rhythm of our birthing process.

I've been saying for a long time that the time that we have been in since 2015 - and has accelerated since 2019 has been one of Self - Mastery - and understanding what that means. What does it mean to own ourselves, to acknowledge our shadows, to befriend them, to integrate our inner children, to make peace with the painful parts of our past so that we can leave behind the things that don't fit us anymore and move forward into what we never thought could fit us - but step by step of us chipping away the false illusion of our conditioning we start to realize that the whole time it was our own internal perceptions of ourselves and the world that we were attached to, that were holding us back.

This Capricorn Sun that is illuminating the moon is reminding us that self-mastery comes when we are able to reconcile the past with the future. Knowing what to take along with us on this new journey and what is ready to be released. Our soul (Sun) is also reminding us that every bit of struggle, restriction or contraction we feel along the journey is an opportunity to lean into a new rhythm that will only reveal itself in it's fullness the longer you travel this path. Surrendering into ourselves - paying attention to the insights, and bringing awareness into our emotions is the path and we are realizing that this is the narrow path. Not all will enter through the gates....and it's 100% up to each one of us if we do or don't. It has everything to do with your past and how you are able to reconcile and integrate that with the now and your future.

This time that we are in is causing us to trust the new rhythm that is being birthed within ourselves.

How are you able to show up for yourself in this time as the most divine mother & father would?

This is the road to self - mastery and if you are reading this, you are most likely on this path.

Pay attention to everything and be attached to very little of it.

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Until next time - Erin :)

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