Hey...Manifesting Generators!

Are YOU a Manifesting Generator?

Do YOU have Manifesting Generator Kid?

I have a Manifesting Generator kiddo -


I am also a MG myself!

Quick Tip:

MG’s have SOOO much energy and they need to be juggling more than one thing at a time.

Some balls will get dropped - and that’s OK.

Most MG’s (unless we have had super conscious parents who raised us according to our Human Design) usually hear something like:

“Just focus on 1 thing and stick to it”

Here’s the thing - that advice doesn’t work for a MG because it’s not correct for them.

MG’s can make other types nervous because of the amount of creative energy they hold and their ability to multi task many things.

If your kid is an MG - know that it’s correct for them to have many irons in the fire - and if you are an adult MG, having many irons in the fire is OK!!

Some of the irons will drop in the fire never to be picked up again - and the irons that are correct for you will be molded into your own creation. (just don’t let the frustration of the plateaus allow you to quit.)

We are not all designed the same - and the story of who you are lies in your own Human Design chart.

This is a generation of parents who are desiring to consciously raise their children and knowing their unique design is KEY!

When we feel SEEN in who we are - a whole new world of possibility opens up!

What else is possible?

Were you told as a kid to only focus on one thing and just stick it out?

Do you have an MG kiddo? Do they have a lot of irons in the fire? Comment below!

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