Hold the Line

How are you holding up?

I feel as if we are in a video game and we are being initiated into higher levels of the game by learning how to move in a new way. Once we start to understand that our experiences are not controlled by our spouse, our children, the government, Bill Gates (lol), our job, etc. we start to truly own our power. Therefore, we start to look through a different lens into our life.

With these energies at play, we are being offered the chance to 'uplevel' and transmute our fears, insecurities and old belief patterns that are keeping us enslaved.

There is 1 caveat....and is that we must learn compassion for ourselves and others. We must move from the talk into the walk. We must open our heart and listen. Most of us, if we are honest have a lot of knowledge/wisdom in our minds and we can talk from that space. The most important questions though is 'Do we WALK from that space?'

These next few days you may have the opportunity to compromise yourself, your values, your KNOWING for a promise of 'survivial' & 'safety'. Remember that nothing that is operating out of it's highest frequency will ever make you compromise yourself or question your values for a 'promise' of safety. The truth is that there are no promises that can be made so before you quickly say YES to something....step back and ask yourself what is behind the YES?

Our fears and insecurities will arise and cause us to compromise ourselves and our integrity....will you hold the line and trust?

Will you hold the line and use the knowledge from your head and bring it down into your heart?

These are critical questions to ask ourselves in the coming days.

The grounding energy that will anchor us in during these days is the remembrance that darkness/evil is self-annihilating. We just have to be willing to look at the darkness within ourselves and when we are able to see and accept it within ourselves we will begin to see it outside of ourselves as well. When that happens we have true discernment and will know what we need to hold the line on and what is worth not compromising.

Any crisis that finds you in this time is meant for your emotional maturity. It's not about succumbing to the crisis....it's about understanding what it's purpose is in your life and how you can show up for it in a new and different way.

This, my friends when you are able to move through crisis in a new way you will be initiated into a new level of the game. This game we call life!

Hold the Line - what isn't of the purest light will eventually annihilate itself. Remember THIS truth.

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