Human Design LIVE Reading

Human Design is a tool that has the potential to CHANGE your life!

When we learn about ourselves what we are literally doing is activating our DNA that has been laying dormant for years. This starts a ripple effect within us that begins to affect our entire family and communities.

To KNOW thyself is the BEGINNING of WISDOM - Socrates

I was invited to do a LIVE reading on Facebook a few days ago and Jennifer's reaction was that of gratefulness, tears, and confirmation.

To be a guide for others to come home to themselves is an incredibly humbling place to be in. I do not take this practice lightly as I know the wisdom that lies dormant within you and I'm eager to be the light that can shine and awaken it.

To watch this video where I do a LIVE reading for Jennifer click HERE or simply press play on the video below.

To read more about Human Design and to Schedule your 1-1 Human Design reading go HERE.

In Peace & Fire -

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