Human Design & Parenting

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to be able to help guide your child into their incredible uniqueness and to be able to watch them embody ALL of who they are?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to CULTIVATE a SOUL CENTERED CONNECTION with your children - where at the end of the matter what, your child knows you have their back?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to step out of a more POWER OVER Paradigm to an EMPOWERED Paradigm way of parenting?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to step out of the GUILT & SHAME cycle to embody more CONFIDENCE & COMPENTENCE within your parenting?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to finally BREAK dysfunctional, generational power over dynamics of the past to move into a a NEW way of BEING with your children?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to experience LESS CHAOS & MORE PEACE?

Parenting is HARD at times - there is no other way around it!!

but what if it didn't have to be SO HARD, SO confusing, and SO overwhelming?

I believe if you are reading this - you are a parent who truly desires the BEST for their child. You desire to break dysfunctional patterns of the past and to begin a new way of BEing with your children. I believe you desire to cultivate a soul centered connection with your child - one that perhaps you didn't have when you were a young.

Let's face it - most of us were raised in a power over parenting style & unless we truly acknowledge this and honor that we did in fact have needs that were not met by our caregivers we can desire to be the loving, caring and compassionate parent all day long but once we are triggered by our child(ren), it's game over. Old power over parenting ways bubble back up to the surface.

This isn't about blaming and shaming our parents or caregivers for what they 'didn't' do - they are human and were most likely raised in a power over dynamic as well. If they didn't do the inner healing that is necessary within this then these patterns are transferred and passed on to the next generation, and so on.

This is where YOU come in - this is the time to BREAK the cycle. To move into a NEW way of BEing and showing up for not only yourself but your children. We are entering into a new world (as we are seeing over the past few years) and we cannot keep doing what we have done and believe we will thrive. It's not possible at this point.

We MUST change - evolve and heal.

This is also where Human Design comes in.

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient modalities and the foundation of it is this: We have a blueprint and when we understand how we were designed and start to operate from that space, we start to live a more aligned life.

You & your child are created perfectly, & beautifully and it's up to each one of us as parents not only to know your design but to guide your child according to theirs - to be able to give them the permission to BE THEMSELVES!

We live in a homogenized world - and Human Design allows us to break out from that mold and embrace our unique genius and authentic nature!

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to be able to guide your child according to their unique design?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to help guide your child to make authentic decisions for themselves and not be caught in confusion & doubt within themselves?

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to FEEL more confident that you are raising a SOVEREIGN KID?

What would you say if I told you it's possbile?

Really possible?

But it doesn't happen from just having a human design reading for your child - that is a start however if you are unable to heal the inner parts of yourself that you haven't acknowledged - and given full permission to be YOURSELF, and to make decisions that are true according to your own authority then this is where we need to start.

No amount of learning parenting hacks, tips, communication styles, human design, astrology will STICK until the inner healing happens.

I have 3 kids - 17, 16 & 13 and I wasn't always the 'best' parent - in fact that is what had me start on my own journey in 2015. I knew I wanted to parent in a different way than what I was parented. I just didn't know how to do it - I tried all the magazines, all the advice, etc.

Guess what? Nothing stuck. The minute one of my kids said 'no' to me or gave me 'attitude' or did something to trigger me - it was game over...I was back to a guilt/shame and power over parenting.

Until I started on my own inner child healing journey - learning how to parent myself - to show up for my own unmet needs is what changed the game. No amount of conscious work will ever get to the root of ourselves - and this is why we have to look at our unconscious patterns before we even think about learning parenting hacks.

So....I have created an 8 month journey - it's called Sovereign Kids - Where Conscious Parenting + Human Design Collide.

In these 8 months I take you through the journey I, myself have been on since 2015. I can confidently say that I have broken the mold and am leaving a legacy for my own children - one that communicates to them that their needs matter - and that they are worthy of true connection with themselves and others. I allow my kids to say no - I may not always like it but then we talk about it. I don't use punishment & rewards. I don't ground my children. I allow my children freedom.

I invite you to review the questions at the beginning of this blog - and if any of them resonate with you I would encourage you to reach out to me to see if this course is aligned for you. You can read more HERE

Feel free to share this with any other parent, grandparent, parenting coach, etc. that you feel would benefit to learn more about this groundbreaking course.



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