Invitation for PROJECTORS!!

Hey Projectors!!

Just in case you didn't know....


2 of your BIGGEST NEEDS are:

- Recognition and Acknowledgment!

annnnd.... let’s throw Attention in as well for fun!

Look around at your relationships / ALL of them -

If the people in your life do not recognize the magical BEing that you are - acknowledge you and your brilliant projector ways then you will eventually experience BURNOUT

- a depletion of your precious ENERGY.


A projector needs recognition and acknowledgement and if they do not receive that naturally from their environment they will learn unhealthy ways to get their needs met and in doing this you are using SO MUCH PRECIOUS PROJECTOR ENERGY- and you don’t have any to waste.

From my experience with my own projector son and working with projectors there needs to be a lot of healing the inner child (when we get to adulthood) so that we can learn to meet our needs in a healthy way and break unhealthy recognition seeking patterns.

The world can condition us to be ashamed of needing recognition/ acknowledgment and attention. Start to heal this within giving yourself the recognition and acknowledgement of your own brilliance and then be VERY SELECTIVE in whom you choose to give your attention to! You will thank yourself in the long run.

Are you a projector or know a projector?

If you have a projector child how can you help them meet their need for recognition and acknowledgment and realize that when they 'act out' or 'misbehave' it's most likely their attempt to get these needs met?

Parenting is hard - which is why I am so grateful that I happened to learn my HD chart along with my kiddos charts as well. We have the ability to be more conscious in our parenting and cultivate deeper and long lasting relationships with our children that are based on honoring each other for the unique BEing's that we are.

How would it have been different for you growing up if your parents would have known about Human Design and parented you according to your unique design?

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