Is it Fate? Jupiter & Neptune & What You Need to Know

As I'm looking at the transits right now I'm seeing Jupiter & Neptune just 1 minute away from their fated meeting in the heavens.

This meet up between these gods hasn't happened since 1856 and it won't happen again until 2188 - which means that this is a once in a lifetime event that we are experiencing today!

What would life be like if you could be living truly from your soul? Living from the deepest sense of wisdom and knowing that you are a creator with creator abilities and it's only fear, expectation and programming that is holding you back?

Can you imagine?

I know it sounds so dreamy right? Very Neptunian for sure and Jupiter just expands the dreaminess into an ecstatic state of affairs. Is it getting hot in here...perhaps or it's perhaps the energy that we are feeling now.

One foot in this world and the other foot in another could describe this time for a lot of us. Feels like the world is moving around us and we are doing our thing but almost looking at ourselves and life like it's a movie playing out in front of us and we aren't quite sure what to do with that.

Tonight I'm hosting an amazing event that will take you on a journey through the Astrological Wheel where Jupiter & Neptune will be having their fated meeting - and guess what? YOU are a part of this journey because they are meeting up in your chart as it's up to you to figure out which house Pisces is in in your chart so that you know what your soul is needing for it's own soul's expansion in this time.

Remember this is a once in a lifetime event today!! We have been feeling that something is up for a while and this energy will impact us after today - most likely throughout this year.

How can we harness this energy and know what to do with it?

I will go over this with you tonight - for FREE - at 7pm EST. So make sure you get your charts ready and find out which house Pisces is for you - specifically 23rd degree. When you run your chart (google free astrology chart or free natal chart and you will find a site that will let you run your chart for free - plug in your information and choose 'whole house' if they give you an option for house system ((if not, that's OK too)) and bring your chart to class tonight! If you know your Rising or Ascendant you can tell me that and I can let you know which house Pisces falls in for you as well.

Share this with others!

Let's have fun tonight working with FATE!

We are here for our soul's expansion and everything in the universe is helping us do that RIGHT NOW!

Sign up HERE: Make sure you choose For the Sake of Your Soul event - you will get the zoom link after you sign up!

It's for sure going to be an EPIC event - I can guarantee that!

See you tonight!!

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