It ALL Begins with US!

Reading this title can bring up dread or excitement depending on where we are on the spectrum of owning our power and taking full responsibility for ourselves.

Perhaps you feel a little bit of both - and that's totally normal!

On Tuesday night I led an introductory class that gave people a taste to what my upcoming 8 month course on Sovereign Kids - Where Conscious Parenting + Human Design Collide is all about.

I have felt such resistance with doing this course over the past few months - more than any other course that I've taught. Why? This course is going to be IS powerful because if you embark on it it WILL shift and change the fabric of your existence. It WILL send a ripple in time affecting all future generations.

Think about this:

To parent in this new world means showing up for our kids in a new way.

How would it have felt for you growing up if you were taught how to make correct decisions for yourself? Not according to everyone else - but for you?

How would it have felt for you as a child if you were given full permission to be yourself?

How would it have felt for you as a child to know that your parents had your back and that they were really in your corner?

How would it have felt for you as a child to learn how to say NO for yourself and to know that your NO was honored?

->How would it feel for you as a parent to KNOW that you are showing up for your child in the highest and most authentic way possible?

->How would it feel for you as a parent to be able to step out of the ‘parent - guilt’ syndrome and step into an EMpowered position with your child?

->How would it feel for you as a parent to be able to respond vs. react with you feel triggered with your child?

->How would your parenting be different if you felt more competent and confident?

->How would it feel to know that there are other parents out there who are ready to step out of the straight line, old paradigm, power over parenting model?

The thing is that it ALL starts with us!

Everytime you are triggered with your child you are essentially reliving past unresolved trauma that lies as stuck emotional residue within your nervous system. You cannot consciously control is not rational.

There is a way to work through's going within to heal our own inner children and our shadow aspects of ourselves. When we do this....and I'm talking about more than reading a book on it, taking a class to learn what inner child healing is...what I'm talking about is actually going within ourselves to different ages and aspects of ourselves....acknowledging our needs that were not met at these certain ages, learning when we feel certain emotions it is a CLUE to whether our needs are being met or not and then learning how to show up for ourselves to meet these needs. Essentially we learn to become the parent to ourselves that we always wanted and possibly still expect our human parents to have been or be.

When we do is NOW that we can start to show up for our children so that they can grow into being Sovereign Human BEings!

There is no other way than through reconciling the past, making peace with our past so that we can be at one with our soul.

In invite you, if you feel led to take a listen to the visualization that I led the other night for the Intro Night to Sovereign Kids. Simply message me back from this post and let me know you want to take a listen. It's only $27 and the feedback was amazing from the participants.

"I have noticed every little trigger and reaction that has been completely unconscious ever since last night’s class. I am so excited for this!" - Participant

If you want to read more about what Sovereign Kids will cover during the 8 months check this out HERE....

I look forward to hearing from you!

What else is possible that you have never thought or imagined?

Erin :)

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