Merging the Old with the NEW - FREE

We are entering a new cycle in these next 6 days that will require a higher level of awareness within and of ourselves.

Very much like a video game when you graduate from one level and move onto the next is where we are at. Some people will not move on and have to repeat, repeat, repeat, until they are able to move up.

I've shared with my membership group that we are in an energy that is about us right now and only us - MEANING that nobody can do this for us....if we check out of ourselves during this time by repressing or projecting what needs to be acknowledged within us, we will repeat this level until we realize that we are in fact the magic.

If you would like to read more AND have access to more content such as weekly videos, contemplative questions, and all things to do with Astrology, Human Design, Conscious Parenting, Shadow/Inner Child work then consider being a member - and you get the first 7 days FREE. After that it's only $9/mo and you can cancel at anytime. If you desire top notch content that you cannot get anywhere else then this is for you!

See you on the INSIDE - SIGN up HERE!



p.s. stay tuned for my new course Sovereign Kids - where Human Design + Conscious Parenting Collide. Coming soon!

p.s.s. If you desire a foundational course that will help you tune into you and you find that a lot of the content out there is overwhelming then consider Ignite Your Inner Evolution - it is my first course that I created almost 6 years ago and it's only $97! You will work on your desires, shadow work, EFT, and so much more. Contains pdf's and videos throughout your journey - Also - it contains a FUTURE SELF MEDITATION where you have a chance to meet your future self so that you can step into them and start embodying who you came here to be! You can find this course HERE!

p.s.s.s. Have you ever had your Astrology or Human Design Chart read? I have a unique way of being a mirror to you and allowing you to be a sacred witness to yourself in these sessions. We cover your divine trajectory, what's holding you back, and you start to give yourself permission to BE YOU - without apology!! Find that HERE!

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