Moon Conjunct Uranus Trine Mars - TRUST

As I look at the astrology today I'm anticipating a day where we are going to get opportunities to trust our instincts.

This is a beautiful day that we are receiving that will give ourselves the opportunity to refine and redefine what beauty is within us and without. Ahhh....this, today is a fated and very karmic day.

Leaning into the energies may just open up an unexpected door, either physical or a new awareness that has beautiful possibilities for us.

With the Moon coming on top of Uranus expect there could be some potential emotional volatility within some and insight for others. You may have emotional volatility over something that perhaps needs more attention and the almost 'out of nowhere' emotional outburst is a clue for you where you have suppressed or not given yourself permission to be free with your own emotions and desires.

This transit will take a level of awareness around it to really understand and harness the potential that is available for each one of us today. With the Moon meeting up with Uranus your emotional awareness may be stimulated and with Mars Trining this union it tells me that today we will have an opportunity to take action on an emotional insight, awareness or flash of knowing that will come up from within us AND the KEY is to TRUST what that is and be COURAGEOUS enough to act on it and take a risk. A few pieces may fit and a few may fall but I guarantee you if you show yourself that you are trusting yourself a new door just may open for you that seemed to SUDDENLY SHOW UP OUT OF NOWHERE!

Another scenario that may arise today is that you may have a sudden awareness of what has led you to this point, why you have done everything you have done, why everything happened the way it has and be able to trust that if you keep caring for you and each step of your path that it will unfold the exact way it is meant to.

With this energy you don't have to look for the will come to you - you just have to be paying attention.


Keywords for today are: Power, Depth, Wisdom, Reconciliation, Mastery, Trust, Refinement of Self/Ego.

Herbs that you could incorporate today that will help you work with these energies are: Mugwort, Lemon, Ginseng, Passionflower, Basil, Cinnamon, Gingko, & Jasmine.

Human Design:

If you have an Undefined G Center, or an Open Head or Ajna it could be of benefit to be in an environment that is stimulating for's important that you already know this environment though, whether it's the city, nature, etc. trust this environment and that it's where you need to be for this activation to really be potent!


Do I trust myself enough to take action, whether through communication or physical, when I receive a sudden inner knowing? If not, what am I afraid of will happen if I trust myself?

Enjoy your day!

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