Morality is a Construct Based on Control

When we teach morality to our kids what are we teaching them?

Right vs. Wrong

When we teach our kids 'Right' and 'Wrong' Behavior - what is it based on?

What you have learned, what society says is right/wrong, what your family says is right/wrong, what your government says is right/wrong?

Morality is control - we teach morality to control behavior and ultimately control an outcome. If we teach our kids what we know to be 'right and wrong' BASED on our own cultural, familial & governmental programming we carry on the program of control.

If we teach our kids right and wrong based on universal principles - and not cultural laws and rules we rise up to a higher level of BEing. We then EMPOWER our children and help them strengthen their compass within them that is there to guide them.

When we follow rules based on a code of conduct or a moral code it suits our mind and our ego however our heart slowly starts to dim and fade. We start to follow rules for the sake of the rule and nothing else. "I'm just doing my job" is the line and therefore we disconnect our heart from life itself.

For above all man made rules and laws is the universal principle of 'do unto others as you would have done unto you' is what aligns our heart to love.

At our most innocent and purest state if we just remembered this one thing - I wonder what our world could be like?

Love God/Spirit/Life with ALL your heart and do unto others as you would only want done to you are universal and heart based laws that honor the ALL and it has NOTHING to do with morality.

When we do our own inner work, we start coming home to ourselves, to our own innate inner guidance system that is lying dormant for so many, under years of programming that leaves confusion, idleness and a lack of fire within.

It's quite simple really, we've just spent thousands of years making it more complicated so that we go limp at the intersection of 'this way or that way' and we give our own life force energy away for the sake of a man made 'rule' or 'law'.

If you are a parent teaching from a place of morality, I encourage you to pause and reflect on why you are doing this. To raise good little boys and girls isn't good enough in this day and age.

Life is longing for the children that are connected to their heart as much as they are connected with their mind so that they can come into coherence with truth and stand firmly in it.

In Authenticity,

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