The DARK Side of Neptune


Neptune is the planet of dreams, escapism, illusion, deception, spiritual matters, drugs, etc.

Did you know that Neptune also rules the media, film and television?

Every energy has a low expression and a high expression. Depending on our own willingness & ability to go within ourselves determines how we see our own illusions within ourselves and in the world.

Since June of 2021 Neptune has been in Rx in the sign of Pisces. He will be stationing direct this week and the veil that has clouding our 'vision' will start to be removed.

This coincides with Venus going retro in the next month, the Nodes shifting and the Eclipse window we are in.

The scales are falling from our eyes...will we be brave enough to face the truth?

Where are we deceiving ourselves, playing with the devil him/herself and disregarding the consequences - or 'believing' we are above any consequences?

Where are we allowing the media (ruled by Neptune) and outside influences to deceive us while we play it off as there is no consequence?

Carl Payne Tobey (astrologer) identified 9 areas where Neptune can express it's shadow side below....can you identify in the world and in your own life where these energies have been playing out?

1. Belief that one is suffering from injustice and a need to punish society, or even an individual, for the perceived injustice.

2. Belief in cooked up data, belief in one’s own lies while selling something and a total lack of empathy. When the motives are selfish, the diagnosis is sociopathy and it becomes psychopathy when the person is ready to kill due to personal delusions.

3. Belief that one is in love, chasing the perceived loved one and choosing to kill or commit suicide for failure to succeed in winning the hand of the perceived love one.

4. Psychological disruptions: hearing voices in the head, imaginary friends, escapism in a fantasy world.

5. Depression from not fitting in with society, depression from society’s hypocrisy and depression because of emotional abuse.

6. Imagining situations that did not occur, making false promises, and when not fulfilling them, creating new, more exciting false promises to continue a swindle.

7. Making false accusations which are mere projections of the accuser’s mental condition.

8. Excessive suspicion, obsessive compulsive fears, fear of honesty and objectivity, paranoid imagination that everyone else is trying to hurt you and denial when confronted with the truth.

9. Megalomania and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

To me, I see many of the above being played out in the collective. I wonder how it is mirroring our own internal landscape? It takes a brave soul to see him/herself clearly without the temptation of entertaining the delusion.

Where do you have Neptune in your chart? Where is Neptune travelling through and what other planets is he having a conversation and interacting with in your own chart?

The only waking up that is necessary is the waking up to oneself.

Love, Erin

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