New Moon in Capricorn

We are in the New Moon energies of Capricorn on this 2nd day of 2022. How are you feeling? How are you experiencing this new calendar year so far?

On a personal note, I'm loving this energy that we are in right now. I'm feeling nourished, grounded and almost in-between realms. In between the past and the future. Isn't that what we call the present? ahhh, yes.

This present moment within these energies that we are experiencing is an awareness of just that....that we are creating our future with every thought and deed.

The highest expression of Capricorn is bringing Heaven to Earth....and if we are not being responsible with living out our design, and our responsibilities in our daily routine then we will experience more of a 'hellish' state vs. 'heavenly'. More on this in another post.

With this New Moon we may feel that our SOUL and our EMOTIONS are coming together to understand what it is that we really desire in our lives. How do we move forward, and how can we move forward with a conscious awareness of what it is that we want to establish?

Some people may be experiencing chaos in some way (depending on where these aspects are in your own personal chart and level of consciousness) and others may be experiencing new insights that they haven't been aware of until this time. Wherever you are on the spectrum is exactly where you need to be.

Your creative ideas may be elevated right now and you may wish to dream a little dream on your creative advice would be to journal on them, through pictures, words or any form of visualizing that you resonate with. It may not be the time of pouncing on those YET....but harnessing the energy that is being brought up could help you in your own manifestation process down the road.

The energy of this New Moon could also be bringing up a potential rubbing against old structures, traditions, habits, communication, etc. that was once in alignment with you (or maybe not but you haven't realized it until now) but in order to move forward you are seeing that there are some things within you that are needing to be uprooted.....and the uprooting will try not to be so resistant if something happens 'out of the blue' that causes your course to change direction.

Here's the thing.....realizing that our past is revealing our future is critical at this time. What is it FROM your past that needs to be acknowledged SO THAT you are able to move forward? Some things from the past will serve us in this's discerning and weeding through what is useful and what is not. This is MASTERY LEVEL energy.

Trust these energies and realize that if you are struggling during this time it's ALSO OK....don't forget to offer yourself compassion and grace. What are you holding onto that is needing to be released? What story (stories) are you telling yourself of WHY something is happening TO you that is keeping you in a state of resistance?

Remember that there is NO WAY possible to bypass Saturn on our way to enlightenment. We have to have our feet firmly in the ground so that we can reach up to the heavens without falling over every time a wind of change blows through.

My intention that I am seeding in this post is that this activate you in the exact and precise way that your SOUL is needing and craving right now!! And so it is...and so it was....and so it will forever BE.

Happy New Moon in Capricorn Energies Today -

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