Parenting by DESIGN: TIPS for you and your child

One of the most valuable things that you can do as a parent is to run your child's human design chart.


I believe that most parents want the best for their children and the best that we can give our children is to guide them in the way that they are designed.

Think about it for a minute - how would it have felt for you as a child to be actually seen and heard for who you are vs. who your caregivers wanted or thought that you should be?

Your child's Human Design type is one of five types:

1) Generator

2) Manifesting Generator

3) Projector

4) Manifestor

5) Reflector

You can run your child's human design chart for free HERE .

If your child is a Generator or Manifesting Generator they have A LOT of energy and are designed to work and build. The one thing that you as a parent can do is to help them tune into their gutteral responses - this is a non verbal response that can sound like a grunting, uh-huh, a gutteral sigh, etc. It's hard to express in words however when you hear it you will know. Your Generator Child needs to learn what their NO and their YES is or they will be at risk in life to be a slave to their work without any sense of satisfaction. Asking your child YES/NO questions and then hearing what sounds they make in response to the questions without having to actually say YES or NO will be beneficial for them and for you.

If your child is a Projector your child NEEDS alone time - they are not here to work like a generator or manifesting generator and it's important that they can give themselves permission to rest. I've seen many Projectors by the time they get to their 40's with several health issues and I believe they can be prevented if they understood that they are not designed to work 40+ hours per week - they are designed to coordinate and lead people into a new way of being. Projectors are brilliant guides. As a parent you can help your Projector Child learn to normalize resting and to help them wait for their invitation and not to initiate or project their ideas onto others without waiting to be asked for them.

If your child is a Manifestor your child is an initiator and is here to initiate others. Manifestors have a very powerful and repelling aura and just the presence of a Manifestor can make others uneasy. Giving your Manifestor child permission to initiate action is healthy for them. They are not here to ask for permission to do what they need to do. Manifestors have a nonverbal creative flow and when they get interrupted in that flow they can experience anger and can often times react in that anger until they realize what is happening. As a parent, do not take this personally as it has nothing to do with you! I'll say this again, the best thing you can do as a parent of a Manifestor is to not take their anger or their actions personally. If a Manifestor child doesn't feel that they have the freedom to initiate without being controlled, they may feel that they need to sneak and lie about what they are doing.

If your child is a Reflector your child is a magical unicorn here to be a mirror to others in their environment. If your reflector child is happy and carries the sweet and innocent energy of surprise - then your environment is a healthy one. If your reflector child is unhappy, disappointed often, etc then it's a clue that some things in the environment need to be shifted. Again, your Reflector child is a MIRROR to the environment they are in. As a parent, helping them stay fluid in their environment is very valuable to them. When they are picking out clothes for instance allow them to intuitively feel into what feels good for them in that moment - and give them permission to change what feels good for them throughout the day. They are ruled by the moon and as the moon moves through their gates their focus also shifts. Allowing for them to have this process will help them to tune into their truth.

These are simple and small tips you can do to help you and your child align with how they are designed. The more we as parents can show up for ourselves and our children in the highest possible way, the more that we can live a more fulfilled life and break generational patterns that promote inner freedom and true alignment with our design.

Learning my own three children's human design has been revolutionary in my own parenting and I have a passion to bring more peace and purpose to your parenting!

For more information on how you can receive your own Human Design reading to understand you and your children connect with me HERE.

Let's be real here for a moment - parenting is a hard job!! Can I get an AMEN?!?! Learning how to master our own emotions is essential when we are wanting to be a more conscious and aware parent. I've put together some incredibly valuable tips for you on doing that for free - HERE.

In the highest service to you!

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