Preparing for the Biggest of ALL Illusions

As we enter into this week we will be finishing up with the Sun leaving the 17 and the Earth leaving the 18th Gates.

These gates encompass the conditioning we receive in our first 7 years of our lives. The opinions we gather and hold onto can be traced back to this timeframe of our lives. There are other ones that get added on for sure but this serves as the firmament or springboard of most of our opinions and beliefs.

Have you been faced with them these past few days? Life is always showing us who we are, through our relationships, and every aspect of our lives. Pay attention.

We move into the 21st and the 48th gate starting on March 30th and this is the second 7 years of our lives - ages 7 through 14. It is here where we are learning how to navigate through our emotions and we will either form a sense of inadequacy and a distrust in ourselves, others and life. The emotional nature of who we are, who others are and what life brings to us can at times seem unbearable and if we feel inadequate within our own depth within, then we will most likely bury our heads in the sand or project our own fears outwards and make others feel just as inadequate as we feel.

Most of humanity buries their head in the sand, plugs their ears and sings a song that goes like this 'la la la la la - I can't hear you - la la la la la' while unbeknownst to them, perpetuating their own feelings of inadequacy further down within them. Securing it deeper and deeper within, each time they stick their heads in the sand.

We see this within ourselves and I bet we also see it external to ourselves as well. This points to the energy of the sun in the 21st gate at the same time the earth is in the 48th gate of 'the well' or 'depth'. The 21st gate is all about control. Ohh...that's a dirty word right?

Control, authority, power, etc. These words have been used in recent years to describe the 'patriarchy' and those horrible 'men' in power that we need to strip control from so that we aren't as intimidated or scared by it.

What we aren't understanding is that to the degree that our inadequacy reigns within ourselves is the degree where we will either own or disown our own authority.

Power & control have been abused yes - AND, the only way that we will get through these times that we are in is to embody our own authority and power.

Where is your POWER? If you go to the home page of my site, you will find a pop up that you can find out where your power is according to where pluto is in your astrology chart. It's free and it may be of service for you in this time. Check it out. we move into these energies on Wednesday, we will also see Mars inching closer and closer to Saturn which is power/fire and control/structure. How will we ever be able to stand up to the abuse of power and control if we cannot trust ourselves and trust life enough that what we need WILL be given to us in that time - IF we SHOW UP!?

Stop trying to hang onto control, let go and embody it naturally by trusting the uncertainty that life has within it to ALWAYS (uncertainty & always in the same sentence give us what we need - there is just one thing you need to do. SHOW UP and get your head out of the sand.

Venus / Saturn = owning your value within the structures - (get clear on your values)

Venus / Mars = owning your power within the structures - (trust your own adequacy and competence and stand IN your power by knowing that life will give you what you need when you need it)

Seek first the Kingdom - everything else will be given. Do not put the cart before the horse - JUST SHOW UP!!

This is the energy of the now as I am feeling into it this week - any power over type structure that tries to erect itself this week - I would advise not to give in to it. As you take on your own power and authority within yourself - you will be given opportunities to give your power over to another.


Pay attention to the 'mentor' who is imparting false knowledge into you to keep you beneath them AND be willing to follow your intuition this week even when others doubt you.


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