Saturn: Friend or Foe?

In my opinion, Saturn is a very misunderstood planet. We have been taught to fear Saturn and anything that has to do with the energy of this planet that is 9 times the size of earth. .

My intention is

to present a different perspective, one of empowerment vs. fear when relating to this incredibly powerful planet and energy.

In any community, even in the astrological & spiritual communities we are subject to conditioning and we are often conditioned to be fearful anytime Saturn makes an aspect to our natal planets...especially our first Saturn return around the ages of 28-31.

I'm not saying that Saturn transits are an easy ride....not at all - however with a new lens perhaps we can step up and into these trans

its knowing the higher truth of what I believe Saturn is here to teach us.

Saturn is the boundary line....between the seen and the unseen represents Karma, Time, Rules, Structure, Responsibility, Hard Work, etc.

When I am in a reading with a client I always look to where Saturn resides in their chart. It's the place where often times we feel the most limitation, restriction and it's also where we often are challenged to take the most responsibility for ourselves.

Let's face it, we do not like taking responsibility in our life. It's easier to blame, play the victim and wish for the easy road in life and Saturn will not let us get away with that!'s easy to hate on this energy because he will not allow for anything less than taking full responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

What if, Saturn's pr

esence in our life is an invitation, let's say an opportunity for an activation into the highest realms like no other planet can do?

As I write this, I've already gone through my first Saturn return and my progressed Sun is conjunct my natal Saturn as we speak and will be for quite some time. I have gotten to know this energy very well and at one time I rejected any sense of responsibility, I have learned (often the hard way) and am embracing all that is coming up in my life that allows my edge to be stretched....and let me tell you - it's being stretched!!

The questions for us all is:

  • How will I show up for m

y own life?

  • How will I show up for all the things that will lay the foundation for a successful and satisfying life?

  • Am I willing to do the work?

  • Am I willing to go the extra mile?

  • Am I willing to stay home and do the extra tasks, take the extra time that it takes to have the things that I desire in my life?

Saturn is here to remind us that the easy road that we too often see in another's life comes AFTER the hard work has been put in....and we rarely see that side. We get duped in thinking that having material, physical, spiritual & emotional health and wealth is easy and that we are entitled to it.

This is nothing but a lie out of the pit of hell....and it will keep a person in the grips of their own karmic looping victim patterns....blaming others for having it 'easier' than them, and not taking 100% responsibility for ones' life.

Saturnian energy is the enemy for people who want to point the finger and blame another or blame the circumstances for their life.

Saturnian energy is the enemy f

or those who refuse to stand and claim their own inner strength and power.

The truth is....Saturnian energy is the enemy for most people who are living today as we have been heavily conditioned to give our power away and then blame another when things don't go as expected.

Saturnian energy will take nothing less than pure devotion and 100% responsibility from us. If you are lucky enough to be touched by the energy of Saturn transits in your chart....consider yourself favored and blessed.

If these aspects are prominent in your chart, it means that your soul needs them in this lifetime to be activated in a way that it wouldn't have been activated without Saturn.

The type of person you will transform into after successfully navigating through these times is the gift of this energy. It's tough, really tough AND you can do this IF you are aware of what is happening and you consciously choose to show up 100% for yourself in this matter how scary and intimidating it feels.

Saturn gets a bad rap....and I'm here to challenge the narrative and offer the possibility that it's the lens that the world has been conditioned to look through.

As I write this, I'm realizing I'm also writing this to myself - as a reminder through my own Saturn transits currently happening. This is about hard work for myself, and paying attention to the foundation and the details in all of my matters. Everything that has not had a firm foundation is being brought up in my life for me to dig in and make right and real.

Saturn brings thoughts and ideas into form....

Sagittarius points the arrow at the top of the mountain and talks a big talk about goals, ambitions and wisdom....and Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) actually does the work to get to the top of the mountain...and let's nothing stand in his way.



Enjoy these sounds of Saturn:

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