What change are you resisting in your life?

You have been confronted with it before - and chances are you will be facing it again now.

Your soul wants intimacy...closeness, and connection however the people and situations that you often desire intimacy with have not been able to reciprocate. Are you still trying to push through those barriers? Are you facing resistance in your life within your relationships and therefore feeling frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed?

This is a week of flexing your emotional maturity muscle! How will you show up for yourself and others when you get triggered....and you will be triggered this week. Pay Attention!!

Your soul in this time may face what feels like a crisis this week. This crisis that you could be facing is only here to encourage your growth and move you along on your emotional maturity journey. Once you learn that your emotions are clues to the stories that are running in your mind you can start to heal and collapse timelines...therefore stepping out of karmic looping patterns that are only keeping you stuck.

You have been preparing for this....the shedding of your old skin, reliving the past in ways that help you to not repeat patterns to timelines that you no longer hold.

Are you attached to any timeline that life is asking for you to review and possibly release? For instance, a job, a marriage, a friendship, a city, money beliefs, system beliefs, etc?

Just like we see the structures crumbling around us on the external....your inner structures that haven't been built upon the foundation of truth are crumbling as well. This week you will begin to realize without a shadow of a doubt what those are. Anywhere you are resisting change you will FEEL it.

Will you be able to TRUST yourself and life enough to get curious and release what needs to be released vs. project out onto another?

Or will you hold on tight, convince yourself that and it will be ok and continue to repeat karmic patterns?

This week you will be called to rise up within your emotional state.


* Triggers - watch EVERYTHING that triggers you this week.

* DO NOT...and I repeat DO NOT make decisions from an emotional place!!

* Where is life calling for a shift that you have been resisiting? What's one thing you can do to show yourself/life that you can trust this shift?

* Work on your relationship with 'courage' and 'competency'

* Projection - catch yourself when you want to project your uncomfortable emotions onto another - take responsibility for them and get curious about the emotions are fears coming up.

* Growth will come from emotional crisis this week....having said that if you need to process what is coming up...reach out to me or any other coach/practitioner to hold space for you! Super important this week to nurture and support yourself!

HEADS UP for the Sept. 21st

* It will be a wonderful time this week to start preparing your physical body for cleansing. Just as you are emotionally cleansing during this time....our body will be craving it starting around the equinox coming up!!

If you are reading this, chances are your soul has directed you here...for such a time as this.

You got this!!

Much Love,

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