September 4-8th Energies

The energies we will be receiving in September is reckon to be a DOOZIE!

It never fails...whenever I start to lose faith in the universe I focus my gaze upon the heavens and I have renewed faith.

September is going to be a month where we need to Pay Attention to each and every day - because this month is preparing us. Preparing us for what you may be thinking? Well, all I can say is that there is a universal consciousness that is higher than our own...and the more we can surrender to it....TRUSTING it...the more aligned we will be.

As I see September...and interpret the energies from the neutrinos I see amazing growth...literally timelines collapsing and futures being re-written. Because we live in a bi-universe I also see that with these amazing transits that are here to guide us closer to our own divinity and higher levels of consciousness, I also see the potential for struggle, and pain. This month will be the TELLING of where we are headed in this lifetime....closer to our own divine nature or surrendering our divine nature for the illusion of divinity that comes cloaked in words that may tickle our ears and give a false sense of safety & security.

To live a radical life....ones own life must be radical and free - it's called INDIVIDUATION. September is literally set up to help those who want this level of freedom within themselves!! How amazing!

Let's get crack'n shall we?

Here we go:

September 4-8th:

You could feel a lot of pressure these next few days and catch yourself wanting or NEEDING clarity. You could also catch yourself pressuring another for clarity as well. Be cautious not to fall prey to the PRESSURE to KNOW or BE CLEAR. This is a time to ASK QUESTIONS.....JOURNAL or speak out loud the questions you have....and TRUST that these answers will FIND YOU!! Did you get that?? The answers you are SEEKING will FIND you....these are a few days where sinking into this TRUTH will help relieve any pressure that you may feel. If you are prone to migraines/headaches - take extra care of yourself over these days as well as the pressure may manifest in that way for you.

TIP: Your thinking is informing your emotional state - so pay attention to your emotional state and if you feel down or low....start to get CURIOUS about your thoughts and the stories you are telling yourself. If you are addicted to your MIND or the power of your will not be able to FEEL what you need to feel during this time. Getting out of your head as much as you can this week will be crucial for the rest of the month. <--- mark these words

If you feel mental pressure - try to write out your pressure in the form of questions .... journal....get out in nature (I always recommend this). This is a TEST here at the beginning of this month to see how much you can TRUST yourself and your process. Your suffering will come when you are not able to turn your mind off. Your suffering and pain will not leave if you are continually addicted to your mind and trying to make sense of everything and figure it out, etc.

Do not act during these few days based on the confusion or doubts that you may be thinking and therefore feeling during these days.

The 64th Gene Key says this: "The suffering within each human being is rooted entirely in the past. <-- (remember this later in the month) It came down into you through your ancestral DNA and was transferred to you as a child through the coping strategies of your parents and peers. Your basic urge to flee from this pain will keep you from ever facing what you really are, and this fact, lying deep within your cells, gives rise to another of the great human shadows --- which is Self- Doubt. We human beings doubt ourselves because we are not really ourselves in the first place. In stead we inhabit the confusion, and the more our minds try to cope with this confusion, the more we feed our own self-doubt. It is a biofeedback loop. At the general low frequency of the planet, the mind cannot escape itself, but instead keeps feeding its own illusions. Those illusions then play out through the course of events that we call our lives. Thus our true potential is never fully lived, or as Thoreau so aptly put it, we "lead lives of quiet desperation."

Allow these next few days to be your fertile ground in what you NEED to transcend and transmute your past, and any belief that is claiming ground and interfering with your own inner evolution.

This is a time also to not try to solve other people's problems for them....leave that alone as that contributes to your mental pressure and stunts your own growth (and theirs). Let them be in their own space and work that out for themselves.

Ok....that's it for these few days - There is an evolution within these energies over these next few days so pay attention to how you may shift slightly from now through the 8th of this month.

I will be sending another e-mail to you by Sept 9th with the next energies of the month!

Stay tuned....

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