Solar Eclipse Dec 2021

As I currently write this it is Dec. 2nd at 7:55am EST and the Moon is in Scorpio at 16 degrees and the Sun is in Sag at 10 degrees. The moon will catch up to the sun and they will conjunct at 12 degrees Sag around 1am EST Dec. 4th, 2021.

These few days we have right in front of us are very fated and they have the power to determine your destiny.

Each one of us comes into this world with a destiny....before you were able to utter any words your soul chose this path to be on.

Every choice in this life, determines our alignment on that path. There is no right or wrong path to be's either aligned or it isn't based on what your contract was before coming into this specific lifetime.

When I say there is no right or wrong....please do not mistake that for a nulling of consequences for our choices. While your own path has been determined long ago...your own choices have the power to impact others lives and it comes down to how we treat ourselves and others.

Truth is, deep down we know how to treat others with either love or contempt and the emotions in these few days that you are holding within you will be your guide to how deeply you are in LOVE or in DIS EASE.

Pay Attention!

These few days have the power to shake you loose from your own self imposed shackles - if you are ready. These few days also have the power to lock the cage that you have put yourself in as well. Your own choices will determine this...nothing else.

I've said this before...many times that this time is about personal is about emotional awareness and how we either harness and use our emotions to further our life or use our emotions to destroy ourselves. We have had SO MUCH energy to help us raise our emotional frequency.

You WILL be triggered in these few a family member in your life, a store clerk, an email or phone call that seems to 'randomly' come from out of the blue, Something in these few days will NOT go as you have planned in your mind....and YOUR REACTION is YOUR GUIDE to what you still need to tease out and work through within yourself. You WILL feel rejection, insecure, overwhelmed, etc. The question is, can you BE WITH YOURSELF, acknowledge what is really happening under the surface within you and bring in compassion? OR the other option is to project it onto another, escape through alcohol, drugs, sex, etc and neglect yourself and your destiny.

It's your choice at this point....there are no external saviors....and the training wheels are off - the ones who survive through this critical time will be the ones who have done their own work within. This may sound harsh for some, a challenge for some, and relief for others. Again, it's all in how you have chosen to live up until now.

The Moon today and tomorrow is catching up to the Sun....meaning your Emotions and how you FEEL sets the stage for your destiny to shine through as we move into this eclipse (around 1am EST Dec. 4th).

This is DESTINY. Can you FEEL IT?

Life is FULL of seemingly insignificant destined moments that come together and create the storyline of your life.

THIS eclipse will be a truly NEW beginning in one or more areas of your life. The other side of that is that some could regress backwards to their past, to what seems comfortable and easy as there could be fear around the newness.

Where do you have Sagittarius in your chart?

Where do you have Capricorn in your chart?

What do you have in your chart that is aspecting this eclipse that could give you insight into what your destiny is?

This is another moment in time that has the power to play a BIG role in your life....IF you let it. Are you able to close doors that need to finally be closed? Are you ready to build new structures within and for yourself that will support you now and your future? OR are you too busy trying to pick up the pieces of parts of your life that have clearly shifted and/or ended?


Pay Attention




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