There is No Place Like Home

Updated: Jan 18, 2021


The Path Less Travelled

To look outside is only a myth -

The hero or heroine must take a different path to find peace, joy, bliss, and contentment.

They must leave all that they were taught and all that they thought they knew - they must travel a different road.

This road is not one that many choose, in fact, it’s feared by the masses because at times the ones that choose this road find themselves walking alone - but it’s not a lonely road.....even when they find themselves alone —

This path that the hero/heroine chooses is an inner highway....the journey home to the soul. They have to move through some rough terrain, and at some point, they have to choose to stay in their inner truth, despite the enticement from the outside - and often the pain of letting go of the past.

Death is ultimately the choice.

Death to what was and what was once hoped for.

Death of the perceived self, based on an outside formula (x + y = bliss), an illusion.

Over time the light begins to dawn and they start to experience a peace that surpasses all understanding which often confuses the masses-

They are the ones that those on the outside at times call a fool - because they no longer play by the same rules of the former structures.....they have gone to the depths within themselves and faced their own demons - the worlds hooks no longer grab hold where they once did.

They dance to a different beat....a different type of music - the music and madness of their soul. All they have to do is simply close their eyes and they can hear it....they can feel it.

The person at home within themselves is home.

And there’s no place like home.



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