The Quickest Way to Unite

This world is growing into a trickier and trickier place to navigate over these past couple years. Depending on where we are in our stance on everything happening in the world determines how we are trying to navigate.

I'm going to present to you in this article another lens in which to look through the world in which we are living in and my intention in this is to not only bring awareness to you, the reader but to also shine a mirror back onto myself as I'm in this process right along with you.

In 2015 I was going through an internal crisis in my life. I was at the point where I was so incredibly tired of the superficial life I had been living and desired to do deeper soul searching. Since I was a kid, I was always looking for the Magick in life, the deeper meaning and connection with God. Over time, it just became a mundane, superficial journey and by 2015 I was ready to unlock deeper layers within myself.

I came across a woman talking about working with the shadow and something about her resonated deep within me and I was hooked. I realized that what I was missing in my life was a deeper connection with my own core and that everything that I was tired of in the world, my relationships, etc. was a direct reflection of myself as well.

This was an in incredibly humbling experience and doing my inner soul work became a necessary component in having not only a deeper & more satisfying connection with life but with God as well.

I created a program in 2016 called Awaken Your Purpose and I had 2 modules within it focusing on our shadow self.

For those who aren't aware of the shadow what it is is the parts of ourselves that we either reject or cannot consciously see...and therefore project onto others thinking it's all them and on the outside of us when in reality it's also part of ourselves as well and the other person is only serving as a mirror to our deepest wounds and pain.

Working with our shadow is essential....I cannot stress enough how essential it is to live a satisfied and whole life. It's impossible to be whole without it. This is a bold but true statement.

One of the most prominent shadow aspects I am witnessing not only in society but also in myself over some recent years is the fear of death which comes in many forms. With everything happening in the world the last 18 months this fear has come to the surface in quite an astounding way.

When we get real with ourselves....we all at some core level have a fear of's in our DNA. It just gets manifested in different ways. For example, while one person's fear may get manifested in getting this experimental jab because of the fear that one may die from a virus. This person may mask this fear in a way of saying 'I had to do it for my job, to travel, etc' but there is fear lying at the base of the decision in most cases (not all, but let's just get real shall we :)). There is also a fear around not getting the jab, fears around adverse reactions, still experimental, etc. Another person's fear of death may get manifested in an obsession in staying young by getting botox, fillers and plastic surgery, using filters (for fear that they do not look good enough naturally), because aging leads to death. This person may mask this fear in their own way by saying 'I just feel better, more attractive, etc by doing this'. None of these things are necessarily 'bad' or 'good' within all comes down to our core intent.

There are so many ways that our fears can be manifested and to really understand why our world is in the shape it's in, we have to understand ourselves and what is driving our behaviors. If we do not understand our shadow selves, then chaos will always ensue....within us and without.

My above examples are only examples and I'm not exempt from ANY OF THIS....I've tried the botox thing a couple years ago and when I got really real with myself my decision to do this was rooted in insecurity within myself and how I looked.

You see, whatever wounds we have within us....whatever insecurities we have that we have not made conscious will manifest in our outer world and until we get really real with ourselves we will project our own wounds onto others.

The quickest way and most authentic way to connect with others is recognizing our own shadow and darkness that lies within us....being real about that and recognizing our ego & spiritual ego that is trying to protect us from really being SEEN.

Do we really want to unite as people?

Do we really want to live a more satisfying and fulfilled life?

Integrating and working with our shadow is the answer. Sometimes I hear from people that they've already done inner child work/shadow work so they don't think this applies to them. I also hear from people that they don't have any lingering issues from childhood and that that ship sailed a long time ago, they've gotten over it and moved on. Both of these are red flags. We ALL have insecurities and fears....ALL of us! Our soul's journey doesn't end and the foundation of this work IS THIS!! We are never finished with our own shadow....we just peel away new layers of it and it becomes more refined.

We ALL (including myself) can benefit from this ongoing work!

This is really the core of what I do in my Human Design / Astrology & Gene Key sessions. I'm able to see the shadow aspect of any energy that you have within you and also see the highest expression of that energy as well. Once we shine a light on the potential of how any energy can manifest itself....we wake up to a new level of awareness within ourselves and therefore can start to look through a new and refined lens of ourselves and the world we live in.

Oh....the webs we weave when we continue to walk in our own darkness....just waiting for someone or something to get caught up in our entanglement....but it's really ourselves who suffer from our own unawareness.

Waking up to new levels of ourselves is the awakening and you are the only one who can do this for yourself!!

I hope you found value in this....I will leave you with a question to contemplate your shadow self.

What is one trait or behavior that I absolutely DESPISE in others?

If you said I don't have anything that I despise....I would invite you to look a little deeper within yourself as we all have our own darkness...not seeing it is the real issue. Once we see it, it can't stay hidden any longer.

Do I ever exhibit, or have I ever exhibited this behavior? Could I imagine ever exhibiting this behavior?

This is where the rubber meets the road....where we can choose to do our deep soul growth.....or not.

The choice is yours!! How beautiful is that!


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