Updated: Jan 18, 2021

So much of the ‘struggle’ lies in not knowing what comes next and the desire to know what comes next in our lives. Often times, we will force something or make something happen just to try to control the outcome so that we feel an element of 'safety' and/or 'security'.

We predict the future based on past patterns and until those patterns are reflected upon....we will just keep creating the same looping patterns. Different people but the same energy and situations.

BUT....WHAT if...

The future is desiring a new rhythm?

What if we were able to recognize when we are operating out of past conditioning and STOP IT for that we are able to create a new world for ourselves?

What if it's possible to create new experiences that are aligned FOR us amidst the craziness of the world?

What if you don't have to be swept away by the storms that are outside of yourself and could be rooted and grounded into YOU and your own internal authority?

What if?

What else is possible that you haven't even considered yet?

BE ok in the unknown, and allow it to unfold in the most aligned and natural way. Know the tools that the KEY questions to ask of yourself so that this isn't a wish but it's a new way of life for you.

Let the current silence allow for the new rhythm to unfold.

Without any expectation.

Learning to be in YOUR aligned state makes this possible.

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Love - Erin

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