The First and Most Important Step in Parenting

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

If I as a parent cannot connect within, it is impossible to have a true connection with my child.

This is a hard truth for many parents, but it's one that if we do not accept wholely it's not just us that suffers, but our children as well.

I did not know this consciously at the time, but as I look back on my inner evolution journey, one of the reasons I started this path was to be able to develop a connection with my children that I had never experienced as a child. It has always been a value for me to be able to have a healthy relationship with my kiddos.

I feel that at the core of all parents, this is the ultimate desire. Until we do the internal work and own our self-discovery, until we are able to own our emotional reactions 100% of the time....we will experience disconnect within the parent/child relationship.

This disconnection will show up in all of our relationships because the root is this "How connected to me am I", "How do I show up as myself and for myself".

We want to love our children and we want our children to love us.

To truly be conscious in our parenting, and to guide our children to understand their true genius, I feel that it is necessary to redefine what it means to 'love' our children.

Society's definition of 'love' for our children has to do with achievement, success, and looking to everything on the outside to define how valuable they are. We say we want the best for our children, but if we are really honest with ourselves it's more about wanting our kids to achieve something that the world deems as valuable.

If we as parents are not connected to ourselves, to our purpose in this world we will be on an emotional teeter-totter looking and seeking validation/recognition from the world outside of us rather than understanding that the road inward is the only road that leads to true fulfillment. Ultimately this is what we will teach our children....and this is the first and most important step in being a parent on purpose.

More on this in my next blog....

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