The First and Most Important Step in Parenting

Updated: Jan 18

If I as a parent cannot connect within, it is impossible to have a true connection with my child.

This is a hard truth for many parents, but it's one that if we do not accept wholely it's not just us that suffers, but our children as well.

I did not know this consciously at the time, but as I look back on my inner evolution journey, one of the reasons I started this path was to be able to develop a connection with my children that I had never experienced as a child. It has always been a value for me to be able to have a healthy relationship with my kiddos.

I feel that at the core of all parents, this is the ultimate desire. Until we do the internal work and own our self-discovery, until we are able to own our emotional reactions 100% of the time....we will experience disconnect within the parent/child relationship.