Do you ever have those moments of REGRET after a conversation with someone that perhaps got a little heated?

Do you ever have those moments when you say to yourself 'OMG - I can't believe I just did or said that'?

If so, then read on....

If so, then read on....

Transformation happens through our Solar Plexus - this is the area within us that embodies our level of SPIRIT consciousness. .

THIS is ASCENSION - EMOTIONAL AWARENESS through SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS and it has everything to do with our minds....but not in the way you may be thinking.

I will try to make this short and sweet -

Our Solar Plexus is a motor center AND an awareness center. For thousands of years we have gathered information from the past and present through our own individual filter and our mind will make a decision for us based on this or that information.

This is the trap - the dual consciousness field that the mind holds. The mind only has the capacity to conceptualize and process information based on past experiences & information. We stay trapped in our past when we make decisions from our mind because every time we do so we repeat - repeat - repeat the past therefore our future is just another pattern and replica of our past.

I hope you ingested what that was there because that was GOLD that I just laid before you.

When you FEEL a certain way, you take action on that feeling. You feel act accordingly - you feel also act accordingly.

Our emotional state is in direct relation to the stories that we have playing out in our mind - and the stories we have playing out in our mind dictate our actions/decisions. This is all so so so incorrect for US and creates so much CHAOS in our lives.

SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS is when we FEEL everything we need to FEEL, and become AWARE of the stories that our mind is circulating.


BECOME aware of the stories that your mind is telling you that is affecting your emotional state - by not reacting to them but by bringing awareness in. From here, you are able to challenge and create new beliefs & new stories that will literally allow you to step out of your own karmic looping cycles and into a new way of BEing.

USE your emotions as a CLUE to the stories you have playing out in your mind that keep you in your karmic loop. Don't be a TOOL of your EMOTIONS by only acting on them.

Are you picking up what I'm laying down?

I hope so.


Erin :)

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