Using Life as Your Playground for Healing

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

2020 has started off with quite the bang. Let me rephrase that...everything that has happened in 2019 has led into 2020 being quite the year so far...and we have only finished the first month!

I'm going to say a few things here that may offend or insult some....because we live in a world where we do not know how to feel everything that life is bringing our way. We choose to numb by many of those ways is trying to 'figure out' with our mind what is happening and WHY it's happening.

We are in a different energy than where we were just a few short months ago and this energy is playing with us in a whole new way.

LIFE is your playground and what I mean by that is just what it says. Using all that life is bringing up within you to FEEL into what is still needing to be acknowledged and witnessed BY you. No longer can the 'feel good' memes floating around on social media that are intended to build us up for a moment, make us feel temporarily brave and soothe our minds cry for safety do anything substantial for our growth. We understand ourselves by FEELING into ourselves and by getting curious in that.

ANYTHING that is taking you out of every present moment is a distraction....a distraction that is pulling you away from yourself instead of bringing you home to yourself.


Paying attention to everything that life is showing you and how your body is reacting/feeling in that moment will inform you of what it is that needs to be witnessed, and acknowledged within you. THIS is your medicine....ALL that you need for yourself is in this and every moment that you sink into.

What is your emotional state in EVERY situation you are in? Do you feel joy, excitement, frustration, anger, sadness, overwhelm, exuberance, etc? Your emotional state in EVERY moment will inform you of where you are at in life....and how much freedom and peace you have within.


1) What am I FEELING right now in this moment?

2) Where do I FEEL it in my body?

3) What is it that is happening RIGHT NOW that is allowing my emotional state to be what it is?

4) What story have I created within me that is allowing my perception of this situation?

LIFE is revealing ourselves to ourselves.....LIFE is showing us ourselves....LIFE is witnessing itself through US in every moment.


Nothing is happening TO you that is not already within you. If you find yourself frustrated, angry or jealous by a situation, know that is within's not about the other person. You have created a story in your mind that is informing your perception in this situation. By asking 'What other truth could there be in this situation right now?' will help you if you feel like projecting onto the other.


We are being called to rewrite our stories.....all of the stories that are not allowing us to see the TRUTH of who we are. Divine BEings.

Using LIFE as your playground will allow for the most rapid and quantum leaps in your internal growth.

Be BRAVE, LOOK within and SHIFT your stories.

It is TIME.

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